First, we started out with drawing three boxes on different points of the paper, above, on, and below the horizon line. We drew a vanishing point and connected all the boxes back to the vanishing point. We then shaded in the part that we would see according to where they were placed on the horizon line. Like if they were placed below it, we would see the top, if they were placed above it, we would see the bottom, and if it were placed directly on it, we would only see the front.
Then we started drawing a room, we had to include things such as a door, a window and a rug. The process i used to complete this was just to go in a certain order, like i drew the tiles first, and then i would add other things.
I think the easiest thing to learn was the vanishing and horizon lines, because to me that was just easy to understand and do.
I think the hardest thing to learn was how to make things look not flat, like, to make them look like they were coming off the wall.

Kenny Le
I think Kenny's was a really good drawing. His lights looked really good and you could definitely tell which wall it was. I think all his points were good and that you could clearly see everything, it was just a good drawing overall.
Photo on 2011-04-04 at 10.55
Photo on 2011-04-04 at 10.55