We started the perspective concept with a horizontal line. The first terms we learned were vertical lines, horizontal lines, and orthogonal lines. The next thing we learned were bird's eye view, which is above the horizontal line, and worm's eye view, which is below the horizontal line. These two concepts helped me as I progressed on to drawing three-dimensional boxes. Each skill I learned connected to another; these new techniques helped me to produce my own final project. 

My project process went well; the drawing went well at first. I started with a box in the center of the paper representing the back wall. From there I made ceiling tiles; they helped to direct where my pillars and windows went. I noticed that everything lined up somehow with the vanishing point. I was almost done. All I had left was adding details in; however, my paper got lost. I restarted and finished the pillars, tiles, back wall, and windows. Although I was upset and disappointed, I knew I had to move on and restart. I'm actually proud of my final product. 

The easiest part was the pillars, but the hardest part was keeping everything straight and measured correctly.

I really enjoyed Shay Roland's depiction of the room because she made each element look life-like with correct measurement. I've seen her process and she's come along way. Very talented!