We started this assignment by doing an exercise that's help us to learn how to do this drawling. First we started by drawling a box in the middle of the page. Then we made a vanishing point in the middle of the page. After we made tick lines for the ceiling  tiles at every inch on the top line of the box. After we drew lines that went from the vanishing point to the top of the the page. Then we put a 60 degree to make the horizontal lines. Then I drew  the pillar by drawling lines that were parallel to the wall. After I drew my window in the middle by using artists instinct to figure out where to put every thing. Last I made my window that was on the left wall and my door that was on the right wall by making everything horizontal stay horizontal and everything vertical come from the vanishing point.

The things that were easy learn were the things we had to draw using artist instinct.

The things that were hard to draw were the things that we had to draw horizontal with vertical lines from the vanishing point.

A person that I think did a very good job on there drawling was Kenny Le. I took interest this persons drawling because it was a very successful drawling, it was almost complete,  also his drawling had a lot of detail, and every good measurement instinct.

2011-04-04 10.52.54
2011-04-04 10.52.54