Perspective Drawing Of A Wall In The Art Room

Artist's Statement
The project is to pick a wall from the art room and draw everything you see in perspective. My process was that I started by folding the paper in half both ways to get the center. Then I drew a 20" by 10" rectangle in the center of the paper to start off the main wall. After that, I counted how many ceiling tiles there actually were going across the wall. There were 17 tiles, so then I divided 20" by 18 and got 1.1". I measured that amount for each tile on the drawing and marked the start of each tile with a point on the top of the rectangle. To make the ceiling tiles, I then took a ruler and drew a line from the perspective point (the center of the paper), to each point on the top of the rectangle and extended the line to end of the paper. I had to erase the lines inside the rectangle though to only have the ceiling tiles. To finish the ceiling tiles off, I drew horizontal lines from the top of the paper to the top of the rectangle, each line being closer to each other to make squares. After I finished the ceiling tiles, I moved on to drawing the columns. I measured each of them to come out of the rectangle 1 inch. To do this, I measured 2 1-inch vertical lines away from the rectangle then connecting them. To show perspective, I drew a line from each corner to the perspective point and erasing the line in the rectangle. To finish it off, I drew squares and rectangles in the wall to make the windows. The easiest thing I learned was drawing in perspective, but the hard thing to learn was making things pop out and making them more realistic.