Perspectivity of a Room

In the beginning of when this class we started learning of perspective. We drew boxes using orthogonal. Then from there we turned those boxes into creating our names. From there we moved onto making doors and windows. Using the vanishing point to get all of our lines.

Something that I found very easy and useful was the vanishing point and finding the center. We had to find the center to create the X going through our box. When we had to make lines it was easy because all we had to do was line in up with the vanishing point

Something I found difficult was making the doors and windows. I had trouble making them look 3-D and real. I’ll work on it though.

One persons artwork that I feel that did really well with her 3-D drawings was Taylor's.

The way she made her two walls look like they came of off the page was good. So she put in enough detail for it to look real. It was an overall great drawing.