Peter Keo - Media Fluency


My slide here today is part of me on a screen. This slide was designed using many techniques employed by Presentation Zen and various resources all across the world wide web. For example, if you see the contrasting colors inside the text, blue and orange go tremendously well together. I then made sure to include a lot of empty space so the visual aids and text would have a more profound effect on the viewer. Also, if you notice I used a drop shadow for the text and a reflection for the scroll behind it, making it appear like it’s reflecting from the ground. As for the actual visual, I used blue arrows around it signify that it’s pointing to the video game logo controller and the pen and feather, which stands for my love for writing. My goal for the text was 20 letters/numbers or less so you wouldn’t have to read that much.

I chose my way to design this slide because the baseball, video game, and pen and feather all represents 3 of my hobbies. I love to play baseball, play video games, and I am a passionate writer.