Philly love note

spending my first 11 years living in arms reach of a city i was desperate to be part of its busy streets. my shorts doses of  the beautiful city always made my heart flutter with excitement.  Trips to  city were my brother and I's biggest treat, whether it was a trip to the municipal building with its giant board game  pieces we use to climb  or love park with its fountain we splashed in i was in love. the city felt more like home then any other place my feet had ever landed.

The older i got the more entangled i got into the beautiful city. My weekends became packed with trips to the art museum, Franklin institute, and the academy of natural sciences. everytime i would come home i would miss the sights, sounds and smells of the city. finally at the age of 11 my parents made the decision to leave the suburbs and join the city streets.

since then i can not image life outside of this place that will forever be my home. i am so wrapped up in the movement of the city. running up the art museum steps and around the loop. shopping at the farmers markets and the Uhuru flea market. Days spent traveling around center city and chilling in places like Rittenhouse square and clark park.

With adult life quickly  approaching my heart aches to wish life in the city goodbye. i will miss being so tightly winded into these city streets. I want to thank you city for stealing my heart. what your city has offered me has molded me as a  person. i will never truly leave you because you are in my heart. i will never be able to stray to far from you and i know i will raise my kids in you someday.

with all my love 


Maddie walls
Favorite spot: kelly drive
Neighborhood: university city
Address: 42 and baltimore

I am: a student, a runner and philly lover
Years in Philly: 6.5
Current Home: 42 and baltimore

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