Photograph Set - Martha Robles

For this creative project I decided to branch out and create a photoset with all original concepts and photos by me. The concept of all 4 photos is that of displaying different emotions through color. As seen the pictures aren’t all very straightforward when it comes to connecting them to themes, which was the main purpose of this. I didn’t want these photos to only be seen one way but to have different meanings to them. I also wanted to present something that I knew would capture both the book and the movie but also more than just one character from both. What better way to do this than by using photography?

I think that a big aspect of this was being able to not only capture in through my eye but to be able to display what I saw in order for others to understand. I really enjoyed the process of this because as a whole I really enjoy photography and displaying more than just a pretty picture through it. Even though my finished product was something that I'm really proud of I think that steps to it were a bit stressful. It got hard once it was time to shoot. I had trouble being able to focus,even though I could have used auto focus I tried to keep it all manual in order to make it a learning experience. I also saw myself having trouble when it came to picking which pictures to display. Even though it's only 4 pictures I ended up taking at least 40 of each, which in the end only made it harder for me. Even though this process was hard I really enjoyed it and the coming up of the concepts of using colors since that was also used in the movie. In the end I wouldn't change anything about it. 

“Oh What’s Another Ten Pounds ” – JUNO

            Through out the movie Juno to me was on a journey. The journey to find her true emotions. Through out the movie she faced various challenges that deep down inside affected her. As seen on the photograph there are various colors displayed. Starting from Black, Royal Blue, Tan/Orange, Green, and finally pink. All these colors representing a side of Juno present through out the movie. Also as you can see the colors that are most seen are pink and green while all the others are in the shadows. I did this to show that no matter what she went through in the end she was able to find that balance in order for her to trust Paulie and let their love blossom.


Black – Protection 

She used both Mark and Vanessa as protection from the reality of her being a teen mom, Not only that but I feel like she used in order to start cutting ties with Paulie.

Blue – Security

This happened when she knew how much Vanessa wanted to have a baby. This gave her security to know that maybe things would be okay at least with her baby because she was giving it to someone who would love and give it everything that she believes she can’t.


Tan/ Orange – Courage 

I fee like Juno somehow got the courage to not care what people thought of her or what they saw. She only cared about being able to give Vanessa what she needed. She was able to stay afloat for quite sometime.


Green – Healing 

I think this happened once she knew that it wasn’t about Vanessa and Mark, but about Vanessa and giving her the gift of motherhood. It was about being able to understand that not everything lasts forever but that she shouldn’t just let Paulie go like that.


Pink – Happy/Sense Of Well Being/ Romance

 This finally came when she realized what her and Paulie really had. She was able to let go of those past ghosts and move on because she honestly wanted to be happy and wanted Paulie to be by her side.

“ Thou Hast Escaped Me! “ – Chillingworth

Orange - Success  

 This photograph is more of a contradiction. Through out the book all Chillingworth wanted was success. However in the end we all know that’s not what he got. Which is why in the photo the emotion being displayed by the little kid is anger. He wasn’t able to succeed which is why in the end he died. He died because he drowned himself so much in his revenge that in the end when it was all over he no longer had anything to live for.


“My Little Pearl” – Dimmesdale

Red - Strength /Blood 
In this photo we see a pearl necklace covered in red. The pearls not only representing little pearl but also representing Hester Prynne. It is also covered in red because red stands for strength and blood. He shed so much blood because of the strength he had to keep it all a secret even though in the end it was all thrown out the window. He ended up giving up his own secret to the people of puritan Boston. He was no longer able to hold in therefore killing himself in the end, hence the red for blood. The pearls also representing the forever link he had to both Hester and Pearl even if he had kept it all a secret.


“Aww, It Kind Of Does ” – Vanessa

Orange - Ignorance
In this case the orange in the picture stands for ignorance. The ignorance and neglect she had towards he marriage. She drowned herself in wanting the baby that she completely forgets how to be a wife to Mark. She only focused on what Vanessa needed and what Vanessa wanted that in the end she destroyed her marriage. She was left alone. Even though she ended up still keeping the baby, I think that if she wouldn’t have been so observed in wanting a baby then maybe her marriage would have been saved. 

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