Pilar Carroll's Capstone

When I thought about what I wanted to do for my capstone, I wanted to impact a wide range of people, and I wanted to focus on something that has impacted me, and something that I find is important. I first decided to do a self awareness class, where girls can come in, talk about their experiences with harassment, and I could share ways that I avoid dangerous and scary situation, but I was worried because I do not have professional experience in self awareness. Fortunately when telling my uncle about my project, he put me in touch with a state trouper who specializes in coming to school, and teaching classes on self awareness. I talked to her multiple times, and we scheduled a day where she would come in and teach a class. 
When talking to the trouper, she made me realize how much learning how to physically defend your self is just as important as learning how to mentally defend yourself. My friend Noah already teaches a self defense class, professionally, so I decided to approach him before I looked for someone else to teach the class. Luckily Noah agreed to do a joint capstone with me, him focusing more on the self defense aspect, and me focusing on self awareness. 
After weeks of planning and advertising, we finally had our first class, the class with the state trouper. About fifteen students showed up to this event, and it was very productive. The students were very respectful and engaged, they asked a lot of questions and I could sense a real connection between the students and the state trooper. 
Unfortunately, the other classes did not thrive. At first few came in, but it ended up that no one would come. We would advertise, and make announcements over the loud speaker, but no one felt like they were in enough danger to continue to come to our classes. We had students that said, they would never be prayed upon, but even if they did, they would not get hurt because they have pepper spray. 
We were not sure what to do after that point, because we could not force people to come to the class, so we turned our capstone virtual. We decided that making an informative website could teach people who want to learn to defend themselves. We included tips of self awareness, videos of self defense moves, and a lot more.
I am Very happy with how our capstone has turned out, we put in a lot of hard work and I hope it effects the community. 

You can find our website here: http://selfarmy.weebly.com