Pipeline monologue

​In this unit in history class we have recently learned about a proposal about the Keystone XL pipeline. Essentially, the pipeline is a 1,179-mile (1,897 km) long pipeline that starts in Canada and travels it's way into the United States and ending in Illinois. This pipeline transports crude oil and is supposedly a much safer and faster way for the oil to travel. Since there are many convincing bias opinions on the proposal it was very challenging to conduct a personal opinion on the idea of this contraption. Personally, I am against the idea of the pipeline. For example, Transcanada has stated that 100,000+ jobs are going to be created. They are only temporary jobs, and plus there are many experts saying that the Keystone pipeline can actually kill more jobs than it creates. For instance, there will be many " "job losses will be caused by additional fuel cost in the midwest, pipeline spills, pollution, and the rising cost of climate change." 

Five Quotes: 

1) "We are also one of the largest providers of natural gas storage and related services, with more than 400 billion cubic feet of capacity. That’s enough to meet the needs of nearly four million homes each year. See more at: http://keystone-xl.com/home/transcanada/#sthash.QzpQedZV.dpuf - Transcanada  (For)

2) “
The total carbon pollution impacts of Keystone XL are the equivalent of putting 9 million cars on the road when considering the total emissions of tar sands and refining processes.” http://act.350.org/letter/a_million_strong_against_keystone/ (Against)

3) “Keystone XL will contribute dramatically to climate change. The State Department confirmed that tar sands fuel is up to 19% more greenhouse gas intensive than conventional fuel, and the tar sands industry admits that Keystone XL will lead to more tar sands production.
Link:  (Against)

4) "The pipeline will have capacity to transport 830,000 barrels of oil per day to Gulf Coast and Midwest refineries, reducing American dependence on oil from Venezuela and the Middle East by up to 40 per cent. - See more at: http://keystone-xl.com/about/the-project/#sthash.G57gYy1h.dpuf"  (For) 

5) "The pipeline will cross more than 1,000 water bodies across 3 states and 875 miles threatening drinking water for people, farms, and ranches with a devastating tar sands spill" 
Link: (Against) 

I hate you. (Ian: prisoner)

(Reading the sentences at a faster pace than normal)

This isn’t my fault… this just isn’t my fault…. it’s that bastard’s fault. (prison guard passes him a pen and paper) (phones aren’t working have to communicate it in an old fashioned way)
(Pacing in the jail cell writing a letter: frustrated, babbling, angered) Look you idiotic moron, you are the most ridiculous protest leader out there. You my friend have a lot of things coming your way. Once I get out jail FOR THE SECOND TIME NOW, I’m coming for you. Jail changed me man. It changed me, I should not be in here for the ideas you planned for the entire group to sabotage the Keystone Pipeline. YOU. YOU SHOULD BE IN PRISON NOT ME. Yes, I admit that I wasn’t the best person before, ya know doing heroin and closely sending a man to his exile but that’s the past. I finally turned myself around, got help from you to construct my anger and psychotic feelings into something good, like protesting against the pipeline. Remember at the protest? Yeah, when the cops recognized me from 3 years ago, and simple mindedly arrested me for speaking my mind about this mental proposal for a lazy way of transporting oils across North America. YOU my group leader, my “supposedly” best friend deserted and abandoned me,  while rough man hands groped and violated my personal space to force me into a cop car yet once again. Therefore, I thank you, because I realized that I’m going to rot in prison for a while. Keystone XL proposal must be stopped but I do not trust you to be in charge of protesting. You know jack squat about this project and you’re defending it as if it was your own child. Quit the facade and learn the real issues.  People through fucking trash everywhere now a days, and basically we live in a pig house. All I’m saying is that we should care about this environment instead of digging it up and replacing that land with a metal pipe. You shouldn’t call yourself a protest leader you’re just a creature who has no soul and no regard towards other people except for yourself.

Why Me?

Quinn- Protest leader

(Along the pipeline land with the other protesters reading the letter from Ian)

(Reads last few lines of the letter then starts her rant)

(Pacing just out of earshot of the protest)

Wow I didn’t realize that this would be taken so far... What happened to people just standing up for what they believe in. My parents and grandparents did not have to deal with the cruelty of going to jail for speaking their minds. At least not like this... (Stops pacing) I don’t think... Anyway I don’t know why they didn’t arrest all of us maybe there was someone still on the hunt for him... I mean I understand "The man" just as much, if not less than he does. He could have joined any protest and they might still have taken him. There was an article in the news the other day about the Native Americans blocking the construction workers from getting the supplies to where they need it to build the pipeline correctly. I only did this because I believe in something I thought thats what he believed in too but I am guessing he has have changed his mind because of the tone in his letter. Sometimes things happen to us because we need them to or we need a lesson so maybe instead of blaming me...You know what why the hell am I trying to explain this crap. (Throws letter to the ground) HE KNEW! He knew what he were getting himself into, he knew that there was a chance of getting caught and he OF ALL PEOPLE should know that this THIS would get you back in jail! THEY KNOW HIM FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! If THEY are going to arrest somebody out of anyone here they would most likely go for him! I mean he has been there before. This was his choice not mine protests usually don't go to well when the police get involved but what do I know all I wanted to do was stand up for what I believe in and look where that got him...Maybe he's right... Why would anyone believe in me... I am the kid in the classroom who shares her ideas and questions and they get shot down because they are "stupid" or "immature." Why would all these people come here when I, I of all people... Aaaaaaahhh (Grabs hair like she is going to pull it out), forget it everything is my fault isn’t it everything I do good or bad is always.... Why me.... Why me... I was just trying to do something to change the world for the better that is all I ever wanted was to make something no matter how small better but now I’ve gone and screwed things up again why do I always do this?(Walks back to the protest)

New Perspective

The land surrounding the pipeline

(Resting on the floor of the ground to represent the land around the pipeline)

Humans have done some crazy things but I never knew that it could get crazier. This Keystone, XL program is supposed to destroy 1,179 miles of me. They Are saying that it will only have a 36 inch diameter but if my inhibitions are correct then these humans will just get crazier and either put more of these things here or they will make this one “bigger and better” That’s how humans work i guess, doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me but you know I’m just the land under their feet i don’t do much but sit here and try to look pretty or as pretty as they will let me  be. It was much easier to be beautiful before the humans went bonkers. Hardisty, Alberta used to be this wondrous, lovely place now it will have a stinkin' pipe starting there. Also if you thought that was bad Nebraska is such a quiet state that most Americans forget about it in the Midwest just minding its own business now it is going to have a pipe ending there. Oh and lets not forget folks about the 181 million metric tons of carbon dioxide being sent up into my friend Air, who by the way I think has had it worse than I with the whole ozone thingy. Anyway I remember when the only thing that was being built on me was a place to sleep for a night or two but now they need to have everything for everyone so they build nonstop there are humans who specialize in this which I think is amazing that they can make a profession out of the simplest of tasks that everyone used to do together back in the day. I remember all the trees that would shade me from the harsh sun in the areas I needed and in the areas that needed the sun there was nothing blocking it I remember when the only thing running along me were my friend Water's gushing rivers and the pitter patter of the feet of animals being chased by humans or other animals. I remember, even when the first rode was built and it was such a new experience that I was excited for what was to come now I am not so excited I don’t think I have been happy or excited in a long time.

This Means the World and More

James- Construction worker

(In bosses office to talk)

Hey uh...boss? I don’t know how to tell you this but... Yeah there are some umm... I’m sorry but uh... There are some uh protesters sir... Yes, they are along they land where we are supposed to build sir... Well, the problem is, sir is that they are blocking us from doing the prep work and... Sir i understand but I would not have come to you if they hadn’t gotten in the way of our work...yes sir I already called the police but when they were here they only arrested one man and the rest were all left here...No sir they said that the land is not private land and there is no other way to get them arrested unless the protesters turn violent or they destroy property which they are not doing they aren’t even a disturbance because they are pretty much silent except when we come around.... I understand sir but... Sir I know but.... Sir...I want to get them out of here just as much as you do sir... Why sir? Because I need to bring home enough money for me and my bed rest wife who is staying home now because her job laid her off once they saw that she would not be able to do the work they ask of her... (Starts to pace because he is rambling) And sir we have been preparing for this baby for forever we had to try for the baby for four years and now that she is carrying I will stop at nothing to make sure she is happy. She was so upset when she found out she couldn't do more to prepare for the baby and I really want her to relax and just enjoy the time she has to spend alone but she doesn't want to unless everything else id perfect so I want, no I need to make sure everything is perfect. I need this job just as much if not more than you need all of us to work the job... I don’t know what I would do without this job right now because it is the only thing that is bringing in the money and things for the baby right now and though that isn’t much it is more than I could ever ask for at the moment so thank you for giving me this job. i know that there are many others that also thank you because this is just an amazing opportunity You don’t know how much this means to me but I will need to be able to work so if you could do something about the protesters that would be great... Thank you sir.

(Leaves office)

The CEO Boss :
Oh lord, these things again.

Hey James... You can tell me... Just spit it out James... THE PROTESTERS ARE WHERE???DOING WHAT????? CALL SECURITY DO SOMETHING BEFORE I BODOSE OVER THEIR TREE HUGGING BODIES MYSELF. <talks to self> <squeezes squeeze toy for stress relief> “okay Charles calm down, the freaks will move it’s okay don’t worry” ANNA! (assistant) WHERE ARE MY STRESS PILLS. Anywho look James boy I’m going to try my best and get rid of those monsters, they’re too busy worrying about their precious environment but I’m going to tell you a little secret. I honestly don’t give a flying fladoodle about any of it, I care about the profits, and the investment into this entire operation. Understood? So I need you to be on my good side and help me extinguish these rebellious human beings. That is unacceptable. Yes I understand that you need money for your new expected child, unfortunately since the Keystone XL pipeline has YET to be built, I cannot pay any of my workers because I AM nor our company is getting paid. Ya get what I’m sayin man. Come back when the workers get off their lazy asses and do something about this pipeline. Dismissed.