Pipeline Monologue Project

With the monologue project, I had to write three different monologues about the TransCanada XL pipeline. Each video had to include a different person, giving their point of view. I chose the point of view of an executive working there, who was for, an employed mother, who was for, and an unemployed father, who was in the middle. I want to make monologues that would show how people cope with the pipeline and the environment. 

It’s all good

He sits down

Hello my name is Ted Oils Spill

I am one of the executives at TransCanada working on the TransCanada XL pipeline

How can I be of service to you kind gentleman?

He has a smug smile on looking at the reporter

Let me guess, you’re here to find out all the juicy details of our beautiful project.

All we need is to approve to build it and construction will begin

This will be a magnificent pipeline. It will be about 1,700 miles long and stretch all the way from the tar sands in Canada to refineries in Port Arthur, Texas

 He sits back relaxed

It is estimated that 800,000 barrels of crude oil will be pumped through the pipeline per day. It would be great if it passed our expectations and reached passed the 1 million mark.

 I think the XL pipeline is a great idea!

 I know there are many people against it but its all fin. For starter, the amount of oil will be awesome. Also, with this new pipeline there will be thousands more jobs, which are really needed, in these harsh times where money is tight, people are losing their jobs, parents cannot afford a decent Christmas for their children, and people are losing their homes. Doesn’t this get you all excited? I know its all exciting so contain your exciting. Not to mention this pipeline be safer.

Well opposed to the previous pipelines, this one will be built in a different way with new technology

 He hears the reporters next question and looks nervous

And to touch on the fact that some other people think that our project is flawed. There are poorly mistaken … No other comments. 

Family Matters 

Hello my name is Deborah Harriott

 Thank you for taking time out of you very busy schedule to share my thoughts with everyone about the idiotic plan to build that stupid TransCanada XL pipeline that is in consideration of being built. It’s stupid.

 Puts on a stern look

I have my family to worry about, my three lovable children, Samantha, Nate, and Max, and my husband. This idiotic XL pipeline will go near my home and near our fresh water where me, my family and everyone else in my neighborhood depends on for their fresh water.

 Looks sad

I find this decision to be shows that the people working at TransCanada to be lacking compassion for the people that will be affected if things ever go wrong. The act as if things show good results, their desired results, that horrible repercussions will not arise later in life. It may not happen the day the XL pipeline is finished construction, maybe not the next week, month, or even that year, but good things must always come to an end. That pipeline will have a major problem one day. And do know who will suffer, probably not them, but most surely we will pay, for their mistake. I am scared for my family. What if it all goes wrong, what if we have nothing do drink. What if we cant even get clean drinking water? I built my entire life here. Too loose it all, would just be… … painful. I can’t afford to loose everything I fought so hard to keep.

 Looks pained, angry, and sad look all at the same time.

I do not know the actual details of what new tech they have for this new project, but I hear that it has shown that it is not totally reliable, and they cant even admit it.

 As for the issue with it creating jobs, I am I a very well paid doctor, as for my husband, he he’s teacher. We are doing well for ourselves without the pipeline. How does this pipeline help us.   


What a Man needs to do    

My name is Rick. I walk into the crowded room, sit on the couch and stare at the man with the tape recorder in his home, which is wearing an expensive looking suit and glasses. I think for a moment, then speak 

 Hey man, I am really glad that you came to interview me and like, get my point of view on things that be going on round here you know what I’m saying

 I pause, then adjust myself in my seat

 I think that, this trans Canada plan to make an oil pipeline is one crappy made plan. I mean like, me personally, it just don’t feel right. It seems like stuff like this has happened before. Like oil spills. I’ve heard on places like the news that like, these oil spills be getting in our water and that just ain’t cool. The fish be dying and the eco… echo… the umm environment has been suffering for stuff like that.

 It’s terrible, it aint even worth it, building such a long pipe that’s like a yard wide. It just don’t sit right with me. What if that thing like, breaks, or something like that. What happens to me? What happens to the small people? Are we all meant to be bugs under the rich mans new shiny boots? ‘Dats messed up bro.


I get a serious look on my face

 Do I even matter in dis equation? I ain’t good enough or something. Ain’t those executive type people stop to think, how does this crappy oil help me. I don’t even own a car, why do I need oil. I have to walk to where I need to get. We need to get a plan that helps us with our economy.


I give the man a sad look. My daughter walks in and sits next too me looks confused. I Sigh, then start again. I put my hand on her head.

 Even though I say that, I am a single father after all, without any job. The floorboards are messed up, the walls are stripping, and the door creaks. This is not the life I want. I need a job.  How am I gonna support my daughter. This oil thingy is gonna make jobs. It might kill the environment one day, but without a job I won’t live till that day. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I should put my pride and anger away, and get a job there, for my sweet little Melissa.