Pipeline Monologue Project

I.  Introduction:
In our history class we had to write three different monologues, each in a different perspective about the Keystone Pipeline. With the approval of the federal government the pipeline will be built starting from Canada and running all the way through the country down to Texas. This pipeline will carry oil throughout the country, which will lessen our dependence on foreign oil. This pipeline could help our economy in many ways but can also be a very harmful thing if something goes wrong.
My monologues show different reactions to the building of the pipeline. The first monologue is President Obama contemplating the different views on the pipeline. The president has almost made his decision until he has a conversation with his daughter who has a very opposite opinion. He goes through an emotional decision on whether he should approve the pipeline or not. My second monologue is said in the point of view of an average middle class worker who gets offered a job working on the pipeline. He goes back and forth trying to decide whether or not he should take the job and leave his family or stay home and take care of his pregnant wife. My last monologue is from the perspective of a fish who has suffered a lot. This monologue has a bit of a more comical side to it. The fish is very worried about being killed by the the pipeline if there happens to be an oil spill. He is very offended by the fact that humans get to make all the decisions. Overall this monologue has taught me a lot about the pipeline itself and the different effects of it. I have researched the pros and cons on the topic and realized that every person can have a different opinion based on their lifestyle. This pipeline can help the economy by providing more jobs but can also harm us. If something goes wrong then it can harm people’s health and also harm the environment. There has been a lot of debate and controversy on this topic but hopefully they will come up with the right decision soon. I hope you enjoy my monologues.

II. Monologues/Videos

A Family Bond
Monologue #1- President Obama
(sitting at his desk pondering)
America’s future is in my hands... I have to think about what’s good for our people, their health and also the environment. I have to listen to everyone’s opinion but also have America’s best interest at mind. I can’t screw this up. I love my job and the people our nation but it is so difficult... What am I suppose to do? (starts to get frustrated) There are too many papers on my desk, and this office is a mess! I can’t concentrate and I feel a migraine coming on. (gets up and starts pacing)

Our economy is in great danger and the pipeline could be the perfect thing to improve it. Building the pipeline will open up about 20,000 new jobs. There are so many people suffering to feed themselves and their children because the lack of jobs. Now they can get a job, earn money, and live a better life.

(his daughter walks in with her school essay she wants him to read)

So this project is for your history class? You’re learning about the Keystone XL pipeline! What an interesting topic, am I right? You don’t think building the pipeline is a good idea? But what about all the jobs? (pause)
You have such a caring heart for the environment! You have a very great point in this essay, you said: If the pipeline is approved and there is an oil spill it can harm the earth and many people’s health. I love your essay! I am absolutely positive you are going to get an A+.
It has really given me some things to think about, because I have to call and make my final decision on the pipeline in a couple of hours.

(turns his head and says to himself) If I approve this pipeline I will not only lose the environmentalist’s votes for the upcoming election but I am going to disappoint her... I can’t she’s my little girl... what will she think of me if I approve it. She’s going to think I don’t care about the environment and the people’s health, she doesn’t understand anything about the economy yet... and I can’t blame her she’s so young, there is no need for her to worry about these matters. She is already super bright. I want to be a role model for my children, someone they can trust. So they can look at me and say... I want to be just like daddy. I want to be their hero.

(one the phone with president of TransCanada) I have made my decision on the pipeline you are planning to build... I think...

The End

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger
Monologue #2- Average Middle Class Worker
(On the phone with boss)(country accent)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop right there! You want me to do what now! (stops in the middle of the street, abruptly) Okay, so you’re saying I have to drive all the way up to Canada tomorrow morning? That’s about a 20 hour drive. This pipeline idea you’re talking about could be a good thing. I just don’t know if it’s worth leaving my family and home for so long. (pause) I just better be getting some good money for this job because it sounds like it’s going to be a long and strenuous project. (pause) Great! (pause) All right I will see you tomorrow morning 6 A.M sharp with my decision. (Hangs up the phone)
(Opens the front door to house)
Honey I’m home! (pause) I just fed the horses and the sheep out back, oh and I  also milked Sally, so you won’t have to worry about that. I am such a good husband. (smiles proudly) I have some news, take a seat at the table. So my boss called me earlier today and gave me a new job offer but it’s a long one. (pause) I am going to be building a pipeline that starts from Canada to Texas. I will be away for quite a while and it will be very difficult. But I am going to make some good and well deserved money. (pause) So do you think I should do it? I mean I know it’s a big commitment and I am going to miss you so so much. Maybe I shouldn’t go... it’s too far away... I’m not going to do it. (pause) Are you sure? But what if something happens to you and I can’t come back fast enough. You’re right I could do a lot with the money I earn. We can get the baby some nice clothes and I can build her a new crib. Oh and also get her lots of new toys. (pause) You really want me to go? Okay I’ll do it for you, on one condition? You have to call me every night before you go to bed so I can make sure everything is OK. If anything happens I’m back here in the blink of an eye. If not then I will be done and back in 5 months just in time for our precious child to be born.
(Thinks to himself) I have to get mentally and physically prepared for this job I am going to work day and night, rain or shine, with thousands of other people just like me. Dammit.... I knew I should not have skipped going to the gym so many days this month.

Oh well I am up for the challenge! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.. (not convinced) according to Kelly Clarkson.  I’ll pack my bags and work hard for my wife and the baby that’s on its way. (walks out with smile on his face)

The End

Monologue #3- Fish
I just swim around all day, trying to survive and not get eaten by those big fat fish. Those stupid whales and sharks swim around eating whatever they please, it’s like they own the place.... I am nothing! Everyday it’s something new and I am trying not to die. It’s either the big fish trying to eat us or the fish hooks that come down from the human land that try to kill us. Wow, those humans are so greedy. They have all this food and still they come down here to eat us! Like you don’t think you have enough to eat... that’s why you are all obese. Greedy fat pigs!
I have had the worst experiences down here in the south. That BP oil spill killed nearly half of my family and I was almost a goner too. I thank the lord every night that I didn’t die that horrible day. (starts to tear up)  I could have been dead right now... and they are thinking about building a new pipeline... (shakes his head) I swear these people have no brain whatsoever. They decide to try something new but when it fails they go and make the same mistake again... like I said they are dumb! Someone needs to knock some sense in those stupid humans.
They are going to build this new pipeline after a having a thousand different debates and arguments about it. (emphasize and make it dramatic) Then... they are going to stand up nice and straight and be all proud of themselves until... The darn thing explodes and kills all of us! I am way too beautiful to be ruined by their stupid oil spills. OMG! What will the rest world do without me!  It’ll be nothing without me, absolutely worthless.
I believe this is by far the worst idea those airheads have come up with. All they want is more of that green papery stuff with the numbers on it and the very unflattering picture of that Franklin dude. (makes a disgusted face) I am so sick of it! Just because they live on land they decide they are going to be the rulers of everything and everyone. But no... you just watch because one day I will be the one making the decisions and they are all going to suffer! (evil laugh) Muhahahaha

The End

III. Appendix

  1. Keystone XL pipeline is going to cost about $7 billion and will run nearly 2,000 miles to connect Canada’s oil sands to refineries around Houston and the Gulf of Mexico. (New York Times)
  2. The pipeline will  reduce our reliance on foreign oil and enhance our Nation's energy security. (Presidential Memorandum)
  3. Tar sands mining and production will harm forest’s fragile ecosystem, waste enormous amounts of water, and disrupt the lives of people in the area. (Friends of Earth)
  4. The most critical issue of building the pipeline is the quality of materials, welding and inspection performed during the construction. (The Typee)
  5. The pipeline can create thousands of jobs or destroy the life and livelihood of people in the midwest. (PBS Video)
  6. Tar sands oil is about 16 times more corrosive than any other oils, which means there will be more ruptures and leaks in the pipeline, making it much more dangerous. (PBS Video)