Pipeline Monologue Project


Welcome to my blog post. I have written this to give people insight on the facts of the pipelines being built to bring America oil from Canada. The task was to create 3 monologues with 3 different point of views, characteristics, and feelings. The 3 monologues I have are from a view of a taser, a little girl named Shelby H., and a man named Samuel H. These monologues show emotion, mindsets, and some information about the pipeline put together. This post also includes the live performance of the little girl monologue. I hope you enjoy them and leave any comments if you want.
“Spark” - By Klarissa S. Hudson

(Is sitting on the floor with head down and eyes closed)


(Gets up quickly and stands straight with only my head looking around)

What's going on?? I was sleeping so nicely....
Who are all these people around me? Why is my owner yelling? Wait...
Who’s that man?...Why is he chained to a tree?

(Takes a deep breath to calm myself so I can think)

I don’t really understand all the things that are going on.
My owner keeps yelling at this man like he’s committing a crime. He doesn’t look dangerous though.
But what I can’t understand is....


Why is he chained to this tree?
I think my owner should stop yelling. Maybe my owner should calm down. He looks so calm and talking nicely about why he’s here.

(Tilts head to the side)

What does that sign say? D..Don’t...Kill our...planet...Don’t kill our planet? What does that mean? What does he have to do with killing our planet? There’s another sign...Pe..Pipeline...Equals game over...For Cliiiiimate...Pipeline equals game over for climate. Hm...this one looks easier...short term jobs and higher c..carbon dioxide..e..emissions. These signs are so interesting.


I’m getting way better at reading this language. I’m a bilingual super taser.

(Laughs but suddenly stops tilting head up)

Oh no he is getting too close to the man. He has that look in his eyes again. Please don’t do this again. Weren’t those the same eyes you had when you hurt ma lady last week? Weren’t those the same eyes you had when you beat little miss? Why do you keep hurting people who didn’t do anything wrong? This is why I call you Spark. You go aflame instantly at those who go against anything you say.

(jerks forward and my eyes widen)

No Spark! Don’t make me hurt him! I can’t tase an innocent man. He’s done nothing wrong!
Stop pulling me down into this pit of despair with you! I’m not a monster like you!! Noo!!

(Starts shaking violently and falls backwards)

“Tuck Me In Goodnight” - By Klarissa S. Hudson

(is sitting on my invisible bed. Looks to my left)

Goodnight mom!
I love you too!

(looks down sighing)

Please mama...please stop crying. Papa said he would come back soon. He said that his work was important and he had to go. He works hard to protect us and bring home money. His boss pays him a bunch of money to go to work.

(grabs my stuffed penguin)

Why was papa taking that big chain with him this time though? Why didn’t he take his work bag with him? Mama never cried over him going to work before he got this new job.


She cries a lot now. Almost every night she sits in front of the tv watching the news until late recently. I don’t understand why mama is always sad now. I want her to smile and for papa to come home. I heard them talking once about how there was some oil coming from a place under us. More south I think. I also heard about how it’ll hurt the plants. I like flowers and trees. Plants are so pretty.

(hugs my penguin tightly and closes my eyes for a second and then opens them)

I miss seeing them smiling in the kitchen every morning when I come down for breakfast. Papa reading his daily news and drinking his coffee.


He would always accidently pour salt in his cup instead of sugar. Me and mama would always just watch and laugh when he drank it. He made this face with his eyes squinted like a raisin. His tongue sticking out like a dog who’s too hot. And his nose scrunched up like he just smelled uncle Ross’s lucky underpants that he never washes.

(laughs but then it fades away becoming a sigh and a frown)

I miss those.


Papa used to pick me up from school and take me out for ice cream. I always got vanilla and strawberry with whipped cream, gummy bears, and a big cherry on top. I would eat the cherry and give the stem to papa. He would put it in his mouth, shake his head around making the funniest faces, and then stick his tongue out showing me the stem with a knot in the middle. It always made me laugh. We’d go home and he would help me with my history and science homework. Papa knows a lot about those kind of things.

(lays down)

At night he would tuck me in and read me a story. If I didn’t fall asleep after he was done he would give me a big thick book. The dictionary.

(sits up rolling my eyes)

I always fell asleep reading that. But papa doesn’t do anything like that anymore since he got his new job. He’s always busy writing things down on paper and yelling into his cell phone. Ms. Cotton doesn’t like watching him while he works.

(covers penguins ears)

There are always pictures of sea animals covered in oil and land animals being pushed out the forest. Ms. Cotton gets really emotional and scared.

(uncovers them)

Mama told me that if his job losses then the ice cream shop will be taken away. She also said that we’ll have to move because it won’t be safe. Papa said that it’s a bunch of mean monsters that steal the things children love. He says that they throw all the items into large pipes. So we have to take all our things and go up. He calls it north. I just wanna go with my parents. I don’t wanna have him gone all day and night. I hope his job losses the fight against the monsters cause then he might come back home to me and mama. He can stay with us everyday like before and tuck me in goodnight. I just want papa home.

“Chained” - By Klarissa S. Hudson

(Is standing still like being tied to something)

Hello officer.


What am I doing here you ask? I’m protecting this land.

(Gives a smile)

No officer, I’m not breaking any big laws. I have to freedom to protest and I’m not hurting anyone. If anything the people trying to use this machine are breaking laws.

(looks around a bit)

Ask any of the others who are chained to machines. Building the pipelines will only cause destruction. We all have the right to try and protect our land. The earth is not just some ball we can use to create toxic gases and kill everything its way as long as it puts money in some peoples pockets.

(pauses as if listening and laughs loudly)

Really?! So you took what that bald guy said as truth? Those jobs given to make the pipelines won’t last long. As soon as the job is done those people will all be jobless again. Those so-called “jobs” are short-term and you shouldn’t believe it.

(shifts weight to other foot)

You should believe me because I have proof. It’s in my bag.

(searches for it, curses under breath realizing I don’t have it)

I..it is in my bag...I just don’t have my bag with me. That’s all. I swear I have the proof though. I’ll show it to you another time. I forgot it on my desk this morning. You can read it all and eat some of my wifes chocolate cookies.

(gives a smile but it fades into a frown)

I....I guess I can’t make you believe me then. You seem really hard headed ya know. Why don’t you try reading the signs that my friends are all holding up if I’m so unbelievable. I didn’t write them all.

(looks to my left)

That one says that it’s game over for climate. It’s true. A climate scientist from NASA said it himself. This pipeline production will only make more carbon dioxide. Using tar sands as a replacement oil is the 2nd largest pool of carbon on earth.

(looks to my right)

This one says that it takes more money than what we earn. It costs 7 billion dollars up front just to build it. That probably doesn't even include the paychecks for the workers. There’s also an unlimited amount of money to pay when pipes burst and to get the affected areas cleaned up. Did you ever consider?


I’m not blaming or yelling at you officer. Why are you getting so upset at me? I’m just telling you the facts of this topics.

(tenses widening my eyes)

What are you doing?? Get that taser away from me! I didn’t do anything! Don’t do this please! This isn’t funny man! You can’t do this! Put that away!

(tenses with my face serious and eyes fierce)

No! I will not give you the key to unlock this chain. I will never stop defending what’s right! This affects my family! My job! My friends! My wife! My daughter!

(screams as I get electrocuted)

1. 7 billion dollars just to start and make the pipelines; not including anything else.
2. The main rebuttal for why the pipeline is good is because it's cheap, abundant, reliable, and provides jobs. 
3. Kills more jobs than it creates.
4.Dirtiest oil on the planet.
5. Isn't our oil as some claim it is.
6.Gives off more carbon emissions and toxic waste.

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