Pipeline Monologue Project

Part I

We have studied a lot of different issues this unit. We started off by looking at two websites, one that TransCanada (the company creating the pipeline) created and one that people who were concerned about the environment created called 350.org. We learned that the pipeline is not just a good or bad thing there are many pros and cons. There are economic opportunities but there are also harmful environmental risks. The pipeline is already underway but has been stalled due to lack of decision by the President. 

Part II

1. 830,000 barrels a day of oil will be pumped through the pipeline.
2. The pipeline will be 1,179 miles and run through Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.
3. Up to 700,000 gallons of oil could leak out before it would be detected by the pipeline's sensors.
4. The pipeline has already leaked 12 times in one year.
5. The pipeline would reduce the amount of oil we import from Venezuela. 
Part III

Monologue #1: Blue Skies

I’ve sat through many a fire and brimstone. For every ring around my trunk I have seen another man turn to hell this Eden we have tried to provide. My limbs kiss ground so heavy with weariness. I’m so tired. I find myself weeping with willows whipped from their roots by teeth of dead machine. Every bipedal sheep I see crunch earth under his feet sickens me. The oxygen I provide puffing up his chest imitating the proud peacock who’s home he slaughtered. How dare they come back to my home and insert metal pipe into my veins. Flushing out the water I depend on for black sludge that leaks and swims through rivers, condenses into clouds, and falls down again acidic to the tongue. I will not be calm this time! I will not be the one the wise tree and see again my leaves curl back blackened as fire flirts with them licking at stems. I will not hear for the millionth time metal grind against gear grind against rock to root strained and pulled up through the dirt where it belongs. You all should pay in blood. Return moisture to the farms where you sucked everything out. 

(wind blows and she shivers)

I’ve been around too long. To much these weary limbs have seen. Perhaps it’s time for me to once again become one with ground. I wish not to admit it but I am frightened. As wind grows cold and I grow so old fear has settled into these branches. What will it feel like. Do you think they will push me over? What will be the feeling of having roots torn from me to snap halved by metal teeth. Or to have a spine break backwards, or to have axe hack into trunk again and again until I fall while they shout, “Timber!” jovially. But then I’ll rest, never again to shade a child or fall an apple to provide a break from hunger. I pray you remember me, once standing tall holding hands with the sun and now the earth beneath your feet. 

Monologue #2: Hotrods

(He takes a break from digging for the pipeline to pull a wrapped sandwich out of his pocket. His friend walks by and calls out his name.)

Stop calling me that man. It’s just Rodney. Hot Rod sounds gay. You been gone all day I started to think you got crushed by a dozer. That’s not even funny man that’s how we lost little Bill. I miss him he brought me a cupcake one time...

How long you been on for? 6 months ain’t too bad. I’ve only been here a month and a half. My only complaint would be the crap lunches. You’d think they could at least give us some decent food. Beats prison food I guess. Yeah man I already told you this story.

(finishes sandwich and continues to dig)

I was, what, a senior in high school and broke as hell just like everybody else. Naw man I wasn’t no sob story. Not like my mom got sick and I had to pay the bills or anything. Actually my dad is loaded. Too bad he says my mom was such a slut he doesn’t know if I’m his. Anyways some dude approached me and was like I hear your good with cars. Long story short I start jackin hot rods. Haha yeah funny. That’s not my name. Everything was chillin for like a year and then I got busted in a ferrari. Got 3 years cause they found out about the other ones too.

(Long pause between them)

Why you look so nervous man?

(Looks over his shoulder to see the boss)

Aw don’t worry he comes around here all the time. Just checkin up on us to make sure we’re workin’.

What do you mean it ain’t like that this time?

They’re what? They can’t be laying people off right now I need this job. I’ll be one of the first ones to go! I was last hired and I have a record. Here he comes, straighten up.

(Boss comes over.)

Hey bossman. I heard there are some financial troubles since the pipeline has been stalled but I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate-

Naw man stop right there. Don’t say your letting me go. Because I ain’t never said I was trynna leave. Listen this is the only place that would hire a-

Yeah I understand.

(starts walking away)

This is some bullshit. I get that the pipeline may do some environmental harm but it’s helpful. People like me rely on projects like this to get a job. I oughtta go to right up to the White House and tell the President to keep it goin. Man I could make a scene too. I can name at least thirty other dudes who only eat because this pipeline. I hope the oil leaks out all everywhere. Maybe they’ll hire us again to clean it up.

Monologue #3: 7 Billion Dollars

Tim Green works at the White House as somewhat of a “paper pusher” There is no paperwork that goes to the higher ups that doesn’t pass him first.

(Tim is sitting at his desk when his phone rings and he answers)

Sorry I am not at liberty to answer that at the moment, please call again later.

(He hangs up the phone and yells to his assistant)

Jenny. Oh I’m sorry Jennifer. Could you do me a favor and call Brad from across the hall and tell him I need him to sign off on this form so that I can send it off. It’s been sitting on my desk for weeks now. Also is the security outside yet the protestors are getting restless.

(Yells while looking around the office)

And will someone please handle the man that’s been knocking on the door for at least 10 minutes!

(A protestor walks in)

What can I help you with sir? (chuckles) Or should I say dude?

(Cutting him off)

Listen I know why you’re here. It’s the pipeline right? Yes of course the environment. Do you know the exact amount of money the government has funneled into this project? 7 billion dollars is not something we would just spend on anyth-

(The phone rings and Tim answers)

Yes. Yes. Yes it should be on it’s way to your office today we just need one more signature. (Laughs loudly) I’ll sure keep that in mind. Say hello to the kids for me.

(To himself)

Man I love that guy.

(Back to the protestor)

Oh so where was I? Yes. (Waves to a man walking in the hallway)The environment. A very serious matter. I can assure you that we have taken every precaution to ensure that the pipeline is safe. We care just as much if not more than you do.

(The protestor starts yelling at Tim)

Sir! I’d like to kindly ask you to calm down I understand that you are upset but you have no idea the profits this country will make. There could be thousands of dollars in tax revenue not to mention putting good people back to work. Now if you have a problem with that then show yourself out.

(He exits. Tim turns to Jenny and laughs)

That gets them every time. Call Mr. Draper. This pipeline will move forward.