Pipeline Monologue Project

 In the early part of the year in World History, we are learning about the Keystone Pipeline XL. We are learning about the benefits and the consequences that the pipeline could bring. The pipeline would be a extension from the already existing Keystone Pipeline, built by Trans Canada. The project is proposed to create around 20,000 jobs for American but only about 30 people will be able to keep those jobs one the pipe is built. The 7 billion dollar project is also projected to make a total of 20 billion dollars. The only problem with this is by building this pipeline we now have a opportunity to damage the land beyond repair.

                                            Facts About Keystone Pipeline XL
1. Has a projected inservice date of 2016

2. Creates green house gasses
3. Would contribute to climate change
4. Run from Alberta to refineries in Texas
5. Cost 7 billion dollars to build


Presidents Speech

Were set to go live in 30 seconds and i still don't have my water.   (Clears throat ) 5 years ago, a friend came to me and asked me to read something over for him. SO I told him sure and kept on with my day. About a month later my schedule allotted me some time to read over this document presented to me from my northern friends in Alberta, ( Quickly Clears throat ). It was a proposed document to extend a pipeline that runs through the great plains of our majestic country and you know what I did. ( quick sarcastic laugh ). Well when I got back to him a couple of months later I told him its plausible. I mean why not right, creates jobs for our depriving economy. Why not, if it brings in millions of dollars more in tax money. I don't see a problem with that I stated. But being the democracy this is, I figured before I made any big decision I would talk it over with the people. And when I mentioned the idea of the pipeline expanding, I got mixed reactions. Reactions of joy and reactions of sadness, reactions of hatred and of approval. So I got back to this friend again and told him that we as a group of united people will talk over the proposal another time and as soon as we came to a definite decision I would let him know. Here we are 4 years later and still have not made up our minds. Maybe because we have been focusing on bigger things such as the war and funding the troops, but I feel we have waited long enough. We as a people need to decide, make a decision. Weigh the benefits and consequences of our choice. Should we go with the benefits we see beforehand. Or should we take a chance with the environment. Well personally I’d love to call my friend back and say sure, you can start building tomorrow, but I’m not sure that can happen. I am not sure we want to damage the environment beyond repair by taking a risk a chance a leap of faith. I don't think thats what we should do America, but at this point its not up to me its up to you.        

The Alberta News

“Hi, my name is Jeff Hankrich and I am reporting to you live at the building of the Keystone Pipeline XL. (walks around trying to get a better idea of what's going on) Here at the scene, there are hundreds of people, from corporate executives to angry mobs blocking the construction site. I mean it’s just ridiculous out here. To get a better view, we’ll go inside the crowd to find out exactly why all of these people are here. ( whispers “pss come on” for the camera man to follow ). Here with me today is Ms. Cindy Lou who traveled all the way from right here in our beloved city of Alberta, Canada to tell us exactly what is happening here. ( Says I see every now and then ). Well folks this is just in, Ms. Cindy Lou told us that the oil executives have lied to us and don't care about the safety of the pipes, they just want the money. Wow, I don't know who to trust anymore. Lets go inside enemy lines and get there take on the statement made by American Cindy Lou. Ok folks were here with Russ Girling to get his views on the matter. Hello Russ, I would like to know what you think on the whole pipeline idea.... Well you heard it here first on Alberta's number one news station Transcanada CEO Russ Girling feels these reports are outrageous and says we need to keep our oil out the middle east. Well I don't know about you but that idea sounds pretty good to me. We’ll keep you updated on the situation happening here but remember, protecting the environment is key to being able to live here for years to come.


The Protest

Hello chief,

Sargent Buchanan told me that I was supposed to come here to fill out a report on the surveillance of the protest.. Thank you sir... do you have a pen I can borrow... I appreciate it... Ok so here is what happened today, the construction workers came to the sight as planned. And protesters threw themselves on the ground the the vehicles were supposed to be working. ( Sighs ). I just don't stand the inconsideration of those people. Just not too much goes on in this here. Where was I sir,... thanks, so like I was saying, the trucks were there as planned and these protestors just threw themselves on the ground ground making sure the workers could not get through. At this point Sargent Buchanan called in for back up but since its such a small town he found out we were the only troopers in the state of Nebraska. So he pulled out his megaphone and started shouting orders, (takes a sip of tea) and by that point every last one of them put there hands in front of them as if they were saying arrest me. But as we both knew there was not enough prison vacancies in the state to arrest these people. So we thought starting the truck would surely scare them away. But we were wrong. Its like they were fighting to save something. It was deeper than just some pipe being built. It brought all different types people throughout the state together. Its like this all had a meaning now. They were fighting for what they call home. They didn't want to see the land destroyed by the chemicals running through that pipe. Now I see why they did it, I understand how they felt. After all they need food and shelter just like the rest of us. So you see chief, I feel we should let them protest them fight, they are standing up for themselves.. ( takes pause ) they are protecting the only thing they know as home.