Pipeline Monologue Project

This project relates to the unit that we are currently studying, the Keystone Pipeline. There has been a lot of debating if it should be built or not. The Keystone Pipeline goes Canada all the way the middle west ( gulf coast region). The Keystone pipeline will have the capacity to transport 830,000 barrels of oil per day to the gulf coast. During this unit I believe that I learned that every decision that the government makes has an effect and can effect other people. 

1. Dozens of Gulf Coast Organizations Draw The Line on Tar Sands

2.  TransCanada Caught Training Police To Treat Peaceful Protestors As " Terrorists"

3. Who We Are 

4. Why Oppose KXL?

5.Our Actions

First Monologue:

Characters: Brian

Setting: Westmore School

Plot: Brian hears from another student that there was a protest and people were arrested. Brian then goes to class and asks his teacher about the pipeline and how it affects us.

Wait, say that again?



A Pipeline?

I don’t understand. What did they do wrong, why were they arrested?

Hold that thought. It looks like it’s time for class.

It’s ok, I’ll ask my teacher when I get to class.

( Bell Rings, Brian goes to his next class)

Hi Mr.Jones, Yeah I have my homework. Here you go.

Hey Cameron, do you have a pencil?

Uh, but no eraser, it’s fine.

Damn it, Cameron do you have another pencil, this one broke?


Wait, what was the journal entry?

I do pay attention, don’t question me just tell me what the journal entry was.


( Brian completes his journal entry and awaits to ask his teacher about the pipeline).

Mr.Jones, can I ask you a question?

Ok, fine I’ll wait.

( Ten minutes have passed)

Mr.Jones, I really need to ask you a question.

I’ve already waited ten minutes!

Fine, I guess I can wait.

( Five more minutes have passed).


I would really like for you to listen for five minutes!

Thank you.

Earlier I heard something at lunch talk about some kind of a pipeline, and

that people were getting arrested.

Why are people protesting against this pipeline?

Tar sands. what’s that?

Dirty Oil?

But isn’t oil already dirty?

Whoa. That sounds like a problem, but how does it affect us, and the


Pipeline spills have happened, what were the after affects?

Even our bodies have been contaminated by pollution from the dirty fossil fuel?

Honestly how can people live like this, knowing how bad it can affect our

drinking waters, our fresh air?

TransCanada, pipeline company?

But if the pipeline is built, it will create more jobs.

Wait a minute, really?

People have had toxic tar sands transported right through their

hometowns that have had disastrous effect?

How is this even allowed?

People are right to protest against this, they are extracting toxic sand oil

from deep within the earth and beneath our homelands.

Mr.Jones, can I ask you one more thing?

How can we as humans relate to the environment?

Well installing a pipeline isn’t going to help.

Yeah, being more proactive with the environment can help improve our

environmental issues.

Thank you Mr.Jones.

( Bell rings, Brian exits his class)

Second Monologue:

Character: Chris

Setting: Outside the White House

Plot: Chris hears about the protest for the pipeline and goes with some friends. By the end of the protest

police ask to move away from the property but he doesn't and gets arrested.

Man, what a day.

What do you guys wanna do?


Your going where?


About what?

Wait really?

They are still going with the pipeline after it destroyed my hometown?

How can the president allow it happen?

Doesn't he know that many people have died from this?

No, no I'm not going to calm down!

He'll yeah we're going to the protest!

Fine, we'll make some Pickett signs, but you better hurry.

( Five minutes later)

Come on already, we're gonna be late!


Grab some food quick and let's go!

Ok, let's go.

( Chris and his friends walk to the protest)

Now this is what I'm talking about!

This is protest!

People angry, people giving speeches.

President won't be able to ignore this.

( ten minutes have passed into the protest)


Can't you feel the energy you guys?

What, what do you mean?

It's just getting started.

You Guys can go, I'm going to stay here.

( Chris stays at the protest and starts to get out of control)

We say no to extracting, transporting and processing tar sands oil!


No I will not back away!

I am an american citizen, I have the right to protest!

I don’t care, shot me if you have to I’m not moving!

Did you lose your friends and family to toxic sand oils?

The oil that we use killed my loved ones!

How can you stand there and not do anything about, how can our president sit in his little oval office and not do a single thing about it?

No, no!

I’m not moving, arrest me if you have to!

( Chris was arrested after he decided not to move, he is currently at a police station hours later)

I accept all charges.