Pipeline Monologue Project (Kadija K.)

STEP ONE: Basically our project was about the research on the Keystone XL pipeline and how many people had controversy about it. Also it was a series of types of information either stating the opposing side of the pipeline or the people that proposed it. I feel that I learned a lot, because before we started, I did not know anything regarding to the pipeline, and now I am greatly informed and involved.
STEP TWO: 1.The pipeline will cost about $7 billion, and run about 1700 miles long. (keystone-xl.com)
2. The oil refineries are in Texas.(keystone-xl.com)
3An estimated 20,000 jobs will be created.(keystone-xl.com)
4.Increase use of Canadian oil will limit our dependence on foreign oil. (keystone-xl.com)
5.Could potentially hurt 1.5 million people and pollute drinking water. (350.org)

STEP THREE: monologue 1

“I`m Losing My Dad”

By Kadija Koita

“turtle sitting down in his cage, thinking in his head.”

Why can't anyone understand that it is so fun being home alone. No kids, no dad, and no mom because that would mean my owner would have to not be single, and he is. He's A lonely man, hope he finds someone. But besides that he works on something called the pipeline for keystone XXL or XL, whatever it is, i dont know because I`m just a turtle. Did I mention a pretty good looking one too. Anyway he says he needs the money because he wants to move, so i guess its for the better. He leaves the TV on during the day and I see the protests and stuff they do for it. Guess it`s a big deal, if you ask me. Tyrell, that`s my owner or dad, yeah dad. He works as a worker from 6 am until 8 pm and comes home so exhausted ,I  think he forgets if he has a little turtle that needs loving. But child let me tell you about them days where its nobody home, its nice and quiet, I can lounge around with no clothes on and do whatever I want, that`s all the love I need. Alright, enough about me, more about this big pipe that they want to build. Tyrell said they're going to have about 20,000 jobs created, and his sister said o give her deadbeat husband one of those jobs. I think that`s good thing I think. These humans is crazy. Some people want the pipeline and then you got the people over here saying it could kill our world and release carbon into the world. I don't know what to think. Tyrell is saying the only reason he`s doing this is because of the money, but I feel like he`s getting blindsided. I want my old Tyrell back, the one that used to actually let me come out of my cage once and  while, the one that actually told me he loved me, God only knows when the last time i heard that. You know I actually didn't care about this big pipe thing, but now i do because they are taking away my only friend in the whole world, the man I trusted. Someone that gave me a chance when i was being sold for $10 and he picked me up and took me home. They are saying the pipeline will cause people to lose clean drinking water, oh no. You crazy if you think i'm going to be sitting here with bugs and bacteria floating in my tank, because ya'll want to send some tazan or tar sands, whatever you call it, down the middle of our country. I live in Alberta, Canada, and let me tell you something they are not too happy about it. I may not know a lot, but I do know I want my dad back, I miss him, so if that meant not supporting this pipeline thing, then fine, I don't support it.

monologue 2: Title, "You wouldn`t understand"

Look you guys, I really have to do this job, it`s for the sake of my life and my kids lives. I have to pay his child support or i'm going to jail, and then my kids are not going to be able to see me. Seriously, I'd rather work for something that is disagreed upon, then to be not with my kids. It`s not like i'm prostituting or something.Thats what they are treating me like. I really don`t think its all that bad. They said it would create like 20,00 new jobs, and they should be thanking me, because i could actually find them a job if they needed one, its good pay. They're also saying something about 7,000 jobs are being supported for the people that actually make the steel in the factories. I really don't understand the big deal, I mean you gotta agree with me on this. I could see if i was killing baby pandas for their fur, but i'm not. I don't even wear fur. But besides the point, they have to at least support me, because i'm trying to support my kids right? Regardless i'm doing it ]m weather they like it or not. They definitely won't be complaining when those paychecks come in and I buy them whatever they need. I mean i understand of the world and all that nature stuff, i get it. I did my part though, i saw a chip bag on the floor and you know what i did, yup you guessed it .picked it right up and put it in the trash. I don't get why my sister is calling me killer, she says that they are going to hurt communities near the pipe and potentially pollute their drinking water, and I said look man i understand your hurt, but i gotta do what i gotta do. I love my family, but they gotta love me too regardless. So now i guess they're not talking to me, so was is really worth it. See now i gotta make a decision, what to do? Thats the question right.

Monologue 3: Title, " We hate this!"

(in front of the white house, people yelling with signs opposing the pipeline)

“DON'T KILL OUR FUTURE, BECAUSE OF A PIPE!”  protesters chanting.

 I can't stand them, they never listen to anything we say. I come here everyday in my work clothes after a long day, just to stand up for what i believe in, is it wrong to not want die,because you might have polluted water, is it not wrong to go against it because it could potentially hinder 2,000 lakes, rivers, and streams, and have the leakage that we so didn't want to happen. Its horrible, the way people could be so blinded to what's in front of them. its destroying all the forest and God knows we need to save every bit of nature we have left.  Today when i was out there i was chanting with all my friends and it made me happy that we could make change in a way that actually was not violent, but you know what, its only so long i can take this. you're going to listen to me regardless of what those bimbo cops have to say. A change is going to come, forced or not.

(1 month later)

“GET THAT PIPE, DESTROY THE HYPE” Protesters chanting.

Today was crazy. I stood my ground and didn't move. We were yelling, not speaking, we were telling not asking. Because I learned a valuable thing, you gotta take what you want, because in this world, nothing is offered. I stomped my feet, pumped my fist and held my ground fiercely. The police all blurred and i wasn't even paying attention to them, they just looked like a blue blanket on the street. I really couldn't tell you guys how crazy it was. People were yelling louder and then it was like 300 people on the street. it was a wednesday, it was 75 degrees, and sunny. It