Pipeline Monologue Project (sample)

Create a blog post in your history class.​
Title Your Post:
 Pipeline Monologue Project
Intro Paragraph: Write a paragraph that describes the project and your goals in writing the monologues. (What did you want to show? What issues did you want to raise?) You can use language from the rubric or the chart paper at the front of the room in your paragraph.
Embed your video: 
The only type of video you can upload directly to SLATE is FLV (flash video). Your laptop has an application called "Flash Video Encoder" that can turn any video into an FLV. After you have converted your video to FLV click the Multimedia button and proceed from there.
Paste in your monologues: Make sure that each monologue has a title and any necessary stage directions. Make sure that the formatting looks good. If you worked with a partner each of you should post the entire collection of monologues as a blog post. (It is fine to indicate who wrote which monologue.)