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We were assigned to make monologues in the perspective of different people to gain a point of view of this thing called the Keystone Pipeline XL. This pipeline is designed to pump tar sands throughout Canada to Texas. Some people think this a very good idea while others think the opposite. I created three monologues to express somewhat of what I thought as well as things I didn’t believe in to give my readers, like you, a chance to be persuaded or to make a final opinion. I hope I was able to help you understand a little better, enjoy!

Monologue #1: Jenna: “NO!”

(Jenna is at a caucus, speaking on behalf of the people in her town. She feels very passionate about the topic, knows her facts, and is very secure when she speaks. It’s as if she’d been studying it her whole life. The purpose of this monologue is for her to sound like she’s stating facts because that’s her approach. She believes people will believe in facts more than they believe in opinions, so that;s what she’ll give them.)

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jenna Coney and I’m representing all the people in Paris, Texas who can’t find the voice to speak up. (Pause) We the people have to look out for we the people. They’re suppose to have our backs, hell they’re suppose to PROTECT us. What is building a 1,700 mile pipeline going to do? This pipeline is essentially “game over” for us. There’s nothing sustainable about it! (Voice gets louder) They’re using the dirtiest kind of oil with no consideration for the environment we live in.

They’re going to tear away our landscapes in order to make a path for this massive pipe and to get to the oil underground. 1,700 miles of our land, lost people! If we don’t step in and do what we can now, they’re going to keep forcing it on us. They’re going to build the pipeline and start pumping tar sands as quickly as possible and there will be nothing we can do about it. (Walk around desk and look into the audience) That’s not what I want to see happen. We have a chance to fight this. We have the chance to finally stand up and say “NO” and for the people out there who have no voice, or lost their voice in the process of shouting along with me, let us say “NO!” a hundred more times. We won’t have it. We can’t face this pipeline alone and we can’t face it passively. We have to look out for each other and give our planet a voice too.  (Throws paper, walks around desk & exits)

Monologue #2: Franklin: “My way or no way”
(This guy is a CEO of an oil company. He often talks to himself before he meets with the rest of his colleagues to make sure he sounds okay and to make sure he’s secure with his facts. So he’s in his office, sitting at his desk. Talking to himself)

Obama promised to put this economy back on track, but I haven’t seen any progress yet. This pipeline is ready to be built. It’s ready to generate abundant cheap energy from Canada throughout the U.S., so what’s the problem? We need to think about our futures. This pipeline will supply over 20,000 people with jobs. This pipeline causes no threat to our environment, at all. In fact it’ll help our environment and our people. I’m only saying this because I know. I’ve been working for this company since I was 22 and look at me now! I’m 55 running the joint! Our people will be much happier with their lives when their energy is safe and efficient. Who wouldn’t want to see economic growth? Who wouldn’t agree to having our energy secure? We have to think!

Hello? Yes this is he. (shocked) I’m what? (gets louder) My family is what? What did I do to- (pause) I’m sorry about your crops but I have my job too... hello? (hangs up telephone)

I understand how environmentalist see this as a threat. Believe me, I do but I’m the kind of guy who thinks about the people first. (pause/ gains a sarcastic voice) The people being me. I have my benz, my mansion, and all three of my kids in the best catholic school in the country. Why would I ever try to change that? Because some world freaks feel some kind of way about what we HAVE and SHOULD be doing? No! My company will play it’s part and ignore all of the little people because... I like things the way they are. And what I like we’ll just do. It’s so simple.

Monolouge #3: James: “Veggies”

(James is a heavy set hardworking man. He is also at a caucus, just to say what’s on his mind. He isn’t on a particular side at all. But he actually sounds very passionate about what he’s saying)

Let me start by saying that I am not an activist. I’m a farmer up in Nebraska trying to make a living. I’m trying to feed my children but I can’t do that if our resources are at harm. We have to protect our stuff! (Pulls out a map) This pipeline is coming at a diagonal, (his index finger follows the route of the pipeline and makes an immediate stop) and that diagonal cuts right through my land. (Starts to shake his fist mid way in the air) Average people such as myself work hard to keep up with our land and responsibilities. They can’t just force their will on the american people, it’s not fair. When there is a leak in our system, where will I work? How will I provide?

(Pause) Again I am not here to protest and I’m not here to say building it is the right thing to do but I am here because and only because this pipeline is directly effecting me for the worst. I don’t want it to come at that diagonal. I don’t want my life to be ruined by it. I’ve been farming since I was 15. In the hot sun picking crops, pushing mowing lawns by hand before they made these new machines. Where’s my credit at? Where’s my hardwork? Being taken away from me and my family. Today I’ll join you all by saying “no” to the pipeline’s route. But maybe it’s energy can beneifit my home. Be safer, and cheaper for people like me down in Nebraska. (Walks away)

Appendix: I found these six facts the most important out of all the articles I read

  • The pipeline will emit three time more carbon in the air (Friends of Earth)
  • Create thousands of jobs (National public radio: keystone pipeline)
  • Interrupts native peoples’ lifestyle (Friends of Earth)
  • Better to partner up with a neighbor closer to the U.S. than be dependent on another country (PBS newshour)
  • Uses the dirtiest kind of fossil fuel (National public radio: keystone pipeline)
  • 17-18 year contracts that say that they’ll ship over hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil DAILY to meet the needs of the people (TransCanada)  

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