Plastic pollution

The slate post was about plastic pollution. In the community and throughout the rest of the world people are using a large amount of plastic. It is very bad for the environment and the future. In the world right now there are lots of things being done to help stop plastic pollution. A few examples are people trying to minimize the amount of single-use plastic or plastic, in general, being used daily. Scientists are finding organisms that can consume plastic. The last example can be using more glass objects. Some organizations that are trying to help currently are

Keep Philadelphia beautiful

Love your park

Trash hero world

Changing how much plastic pollution there is out there is by working together. There is so much plastic out in the park and in the ocean that we all need to reduce the amount of plastic being produced. The reliance on plastic in this society is huge. Big cooperation needs to stop with the plastic bottles thing instead use glass bottles. Glass bottles are a lot more sustainable for the environment. Glass gets recycled from 50% to 80% which is a lot compared to plastic.

When I had to decide how to do the agent of action, I had no idea what I was going to do. I asked myself “how am I going to change the plastic pollution”. Being realistic now, one person can’t fix the globe of plastic pollution. I designed a presentation which will inform people about plastic pollution. It’s now up to everyone else who wants to help fight plastic pollution or make it worse. I also made a social media account to post daily starting May 28.


Throughout creating the project it was stressful. There are many reasons why it was so stressful. A few are that I had a lot of homework and projects to be working on. Balancing that all out was stressful and stayed up late working on these projects. The second reason is motivation. I lack the motivation to do the actual writing part but I do love researching. I think researching is the easiest because you can learn so much. The last one is that I wanted time to do things other than just homework and projects. They are both time-consuming and to be honest, I want to also have time to learn how to cook or just go outside and be a teenager.

While making this project I would be wondering how effective this would be. The answer to that question is, I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know, I don’t know because I have to rely on other people. Sometimes things are successful other times they are not. I hope this project is one of the successful ones but if it’s not I can try again until I get it right.

With the whole project, I was under a lot of pressure to get it done. It was very interesting to learn about plastic pollution and the side effects. Although the side effect is really bad it makes someone realize that people are so reliant on plastic. Plastic is everywhere, even in the least expected places. In my opinion, people should know the bad effect of plastic pollution but also how reliant they are on it. It’s sad to see the constant reliance on plastic.

What I learned about myself is that I just need motivation and to be strict with my work. I say this because I just lack motivation a lot. Sometimes it hits in waves. When I push through I feel accomplished even if I only did one assignment. I think it’s something to be proud of because that means I have one less assignment to do and I can move on. What I learned from others is that they will cheer for you and believe in you. Sometimes it’s just that, that a person needs.

When I reflect on this Agent of change project, I feel like my time management could have been better. I lack the motivation of doing work in the last quarter. I would also spend more time doing the project part. I would like to add more detail to the project. Now that’s left is to spread the information. Spreading the information is going to be the hardest part. Not only do I not have any control but people need to work together in this. No one can solve global issues alone, we have to work together.