Play Soccer


I play soccer, and so do a lot of other people. The beautiful game is loved all over the planet. You could travel to any country you like and no matter where that country is you can find people who play the sport. That’s exactly why you should play soccer. No this not recruitment, this is encouragement. Get up and get outside to spend some good quality time playing soccer with your friends. What’s that, no friends? Hey that’s okay you can easily make some by simply joining in on a pickup game at your local field. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “But Tristan I suck at soccer, I would play and all but I’m just really bad.” Well worry no longer because one day you will get better. Just stick with it and skill will come.

Now imagine that you did get better, you're like super good at soccer. Being good at soccer opens doors… many doors. Yes of course a collage scholarships is amazing, especially for playing a sport but, that is very difficult and there are so many other ways to use that ability. Playing the game opens up a whole new world to people. If you play and you really love playing then you will understand how all players have a connection. That probably sounded very cliche but it’s true. The connection isn’t always on the field but sometimes off it. Don’t take this the wrong way and think that I believe that playing soccer is the only way that playing a sport will get you connected with people. All sports do this, but like I said soccer is played everywhere. So just think to yourself, If you played soccer no matter where you went you would know someone.