My goals for this essay to be able to express my feelings about when I had pneumonia. I never talked to people about this dreadful time I had. I felt like having this assignment helped me express it. This is something I won't forget. One thing I would like to strength is my vocabulary. Lastly, I would like to improve being descriptive.   

Shivering in the inside but extremely warm on the outside. For the past three days, my mother has been checking my temperature and there is no change.  My fever keeps on increasing. Each day goes by and I start breathing faster and faster. It was like I just ran a marathon. During the cold nights, my bed was wet because of sweat. My mom would bring me my favorite Indian food biryani and I wouldn’t eat it. That’s when I realized I lost my appetite. My face would get red my eyes would water like I was crying. Everything got worse.
I was rushed to my hospital. My mom was there to comfort me. As I lay down on my mom's lap in the emergency room all I see are kids coughing, sneezing, runny nose basically they were sick. 
I started to ask myself, “What if they are sick like me?”
As the doctor calls my name “Samera Baksh,” I stood up and my head started feeling dizzy it was like some type of pressure was on my head. I slowly walk up with my mom holding my hand. I walked up to the doctor wearing light blue scrubs. I tell the doctor all the symptoms and she ran all the tests. 
After getting the results of the tests she tells me what’s the problem. I don’t know why but I had a bad feeling about it. 
“Samera you have pneumonia. You are going to be hospitalized until it's gone,” the doctor explained. My look on my mom’s face was horrifying, she turned pale. Everything around me turned dark.  
A nurse wearing pink scrubs came into and took my mother and me to a different room. As I walked in I saw kids my age breathing in the ventilator. 
The nurse gives me the mask and commanded, ¨I need you to breathe into this mask.” My mom puts the mask over the head and adjusts comfortably for me all though it was extremely uncomfortable. 
I took a deep breath slowly in my head I said to myself, “Inhale, exhale.” Tears started to drip from my eyes down to my chin. I didn’t want to do it. 
The doctor with the light blue scrubs came in with this shot, I didn’t know exactly what it was. The nurse put the needle in my hand. I started to scream, it was very painful. That needle stayed in my hand for a week. 
I changed out of my blue shirt and my black jeans into a yellow hospital gown. I put a white mask on my face so I don’t get anyone else sick. A nurse with a hello kitty scrub pushed me to my room while I was sitting on the wheelchair. When I get into the room all the way at the end of the hallway isolated from everyone else. The room walls were green. On the right wall, there was a kid playing soccer painted on. A very small box tv was on the upper right-hand corner of the room. As I slowly got up on the bed, I said to myself, “I wish this was a nightmare.” 
A couple of days goes by and I get sick of the hospital. My family came to visit me many times at the hospital and they brought me my favorite dish biryani. Every time I opened the container of food my face would light up because of the joy of having biryani. When my grandma, dad, and my aunts are here I would look around the room and one person was missing. That person is my sister. She was not allowed to visit. When she wasn’t here it always felt empty, boring, and quiet. 
  “Good progress, Samera is getting better,” the doctor said. 
    “Can I go home now?” I demanded.
  “Not yet sweet, but very soon,” the doctor said.
I tried to be very patient which was the hardest thing for me to do. The only thing that was keeping me going was my Nintendo DSI also the show “Wheel of Fortune.” My mom and I really enjoyed watching that show. It would help us forget the fact that I have pneumonia.
Two mornings later, the nurse came in more tests so I can be released. My test came back good I was perfect to go home. 
“You are good to go! At 5 o'clock pm today you can check out. The doctor will come to check one last time,” said the nurse excitedly. 
After I heard that my heart started to beat very fast because of the excitement of going home. My mom started calling my whole family.  We were so excited. As I started packing some of my stuff I said to myself, “This has been the longest and dreadful week. I will forget about this.”