Podcast: How the Times Change Us


Originally, I had wanted to interview my grandfather about his life and experiences. I recorded the entire interview and it was unfortunately deleted. We had discussed his work ethic and the businesses he ran and how he was fully consumed by work in some periods of his life. He didn't expand too much on this area, even though I was intrigued what the impact of being a workaholic had on the rest of his life and family, including my mother. I was able to get this information and meat of his story by interviewing my mom. We talked about how traits in our family were passed down and the dynamic of her childhood, but then it lead to another topic of conversation. We started to talk about her experience with horses and independence as a child and the contrast with my generation. I want the audience to come to new realizations in the comparisons of past generations to how we are growing up in modern day. I learned a new way of seeing things when speaking to my mom, and she really opened my eyes to why we react in the ways we do and the large role social media places in numerous aspects of our lives, more than I had initially grasped. It was overall a great experience for me to hear about how my mom grew up and hear advice and her stories to help guide me as I grow up.