Podcast #1: How to Lie with Statistics

Group members:

Sophie De Oliverira
Jenny Cruz
Jaaz Hayes

Length: 11:06

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Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Good first podcast! I was excited when I thought it was going to be a video, but then it turned out to not be a video (which is fine! I was just looking forward to the video). But since it is just audio, you should be able to post it directly in the blog (video can also be posted directly in the blog as well).

The door slamming is a little distracting, and your post lists Jaaz as being on the podcast, but I did not hear him.

Really good discussion of chapter 1! But I would like the hear Sophia (and Jaaz) more.

Don’t forget, your post should also include the following: <ul> <li>Group members present during the discussion</li> <li>What your club discussed</li> <li>How you discussed it</li> <li>Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion</li> <li>Questions that came up as a result of the discussion</li> </ul>

For next time, please respond to the following question: <ol> <li>Choose one of the quotations inside the front cover and discuss how it relates to the Introduction.</li> </ol> Finally, when discussing chapters 3, 5, or 6, incorporate the following article into your discussion:


Also, each member of your group should find an article online containing a misleading graph and discuss it during the podcast (be sure to talk about why it’s misleading!). Be sure to include a link to all articles in the text of your post of the podcast that corresponds to chapters 3, 5, or 6.