The Thought Police

By: Gia Torres, Zoe Zisser, Noor Kreidie, Andrew Bowers, Ida McGrath

In this podcast you will be be listening to the evaluation of the historical lense throughout the book Nineteen eighty-four. As we begin to speak on the lense you begin to see how in depth the time period and the authors mental state that allowed him to write about his experiences and more or less what the future may hold. As we break down certain key points you see how certain historical moments are related to the thoughts and layout of the themes the author held in the sections we have read.

Hope you enjoy our podcast, The thought Police

Comments (2)

Caresten Moses (Student 2021)
Caresten Moses

I appreciated the police siren sound effect in the opening of your podcast. Also, I liked how everyone got a chance to speak and it flowed very nicely. I really could relate to the technology piece when you were talking about Alexa and other devices possibly always listening. That was an interesting part.

Ethan Friedman (Student 2021)
Ethan Friedman

I like the way you all asked each other questions and consistently kept the conversation going. I learned a lot about the author's experiences that are reflected in the book.