Podcast #3

Group Members:
Taylor Ximines
Ananda Knight
Tyikenyua Anthony
Tsion Habtamu

What Our Group Discussed:

Chapters 8,9, and 10.

How We Discussed It:

To discuss this we started at Chapter 8 and went in chronological order by chapter numbers. We had an open discussion about what we read. And then end the end we all explained what we may have or have not learned from this book. 

Any Points of Conflict/Disagreement In Discussion:

Yes when it came to what we learned from the book in general and the way we interpreted the questions for the last chapter. Everyone did not agree on what they learned from the book. This in all of the podcast and discussions was probably the biggest conflict/disagreement that we as a group came up with.


Ending this book we are all wondering now how we can use this to look at statistics differently in the future.

Comments (1)

Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Good final podcast. Unfortunately, your last podcast was posted too late for you to answer the question I posted. But this podcast was a great way to end your discussion.