Podcast Interview Essay

Growing up in this generation has shaped me to be the person I am today. Many aspects of my life have been affecting due to many of my personal experiences. Although my father and I grew up and different generations many things have stayed the same and others have changed drastically. The values and what is accepted of us as people has largely impacted young males such as myself and my father. I wanted to interview my father because he grew up during the 1960’s, a time much different than the one I’m growin up in. I wanted his perspective on the visible changes in society.

I started the interview by asking him what his childhood was like and how the standards in his generation influenced his decisions he made. He expressed his feelings regarding the environment in his household. He spoke on the void that exists in many modern day families.

He talked about how families held unity as a number one priority. They didn’t take for granted the time they shared whereas families today rarely eat dinner together. Time was very important and crucial to the growth of children but now “Kids ain’t even kids today. We had a chance to be children because when you lose your childhood you lose everything.” In today’s world, children don’t value their childhood they want to grow up so fast. And those children that do value it are robbed of their childhood due to their personal circumstances. Most kids are in a rush to have the liberties and freedom of being of age but not the responsibilities. You look forward to 18 because you’re “legal” and can make more of your own decisions, but most people are barely able to support themselves on their own.

Towards the end of the interview my father talked about the the violent aspect of society today. He spoke on how fights have changed throughout the years.  He explained how back when he was growing up the worst that could happen to you would be getting beat up, but nowadays there is a probability that you could be killed. “If we had disagreements we didn’t shoot each other” He even said that back in his day after a fight people would sometimes become cool with each other, whereas people today hold on to problems which just lead to more conflict. “Kids today seem to have no regard or respect for life, kids today take a life how they would take a shower”

I asked my father about the major changes that happen in his life through the change of time. He concluded that he spent most of his finding out what his place was in the world, but he likes the person he is as an adult. He sees life through his own eyes, his children's eyes, and his wife’s eyes. Having all three of these perspectives makes a big difference between how he was as a young adult versus now. He lives life through them. One thing that my father said that resonated with me at the end of the interview was “the things that meant something to me don’t mean anything now.”I found this to be the brutal truth and reality. So many aspects of life are taken for granted by this generation. I hope I can can keep the morals and practices my father instilled in me so they are not forgotten.