Podcast Project: Sara Nesbitt & Karly Bornstein

Sara and Karlys project

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Seamus Kirby (Student 2014)
Seamus Kirby

I think that people who plead the insanity defense should receive terms differently from other criminals, I think that they should be isolated from society until they are deemed healthy by doctors. I didn't know about the man who asked people to perform an autopsy on him in his suicide note, which I found interesting. If he hadn't committed suicide, do you think he should have gotten a lifetime sentence or the death sentence like somebody else who did what he did would get? Or do you think that he should receive a lighter sentence because he was mentally ill.

Goldie Robins (Student 2014)
Goldie Robins

It was interesting to hear a lot of different facts. You did a good job on interviewing the right people who had really good answers and good points of view. What was the most interesting thing you took away from the interviewers aspects?