Poems 4-Just Me

How I wish I could look back to understand
Back to when lives were taken
Back to when families were separated
Back to when children were murdered
I wish I could have helped to same them
I wish I could have tried to understand this senseless taking of human life, they were no different than you or I
They did not deserve this pain, this torture
I wish I could look back to understand, to set lives free to learn their pain and frustration
Trying to understand;
I can hear their screams, I can hear their pain, I can hear their fear
I can hear a mother’s cry when children are shot down
Oh, that pain so great, so terrible
I can smell the odor, the odor of burning human life
I can smell the sweat, the sweat of hard labor
I can smell the fear, such an atrocity
I can see footage today, trying to learn what had happened to them
I watch the films today, trying to comprehend the pain they went through
We all see the pictures, watch the torture just trying to imagine this tragedy
But the fact is we can’t, unless our human life undergoes this
These poor people, my heart cries out but there is nothing I can do
Oh, please hear me. I am so sorry this had to happen to you
You time is, now, it is here, time o treat, time to be reunited and live everlasting in that great kingdom called HEAVEN