5 Point framework: Greece vs. Hong Kong

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      The two countries that I selected were Greece and Hong Kong (not actually considered a country). Greece has recently been through some hard times with its economy and Hong Kong has had a thriving economy because of the help it readily receives from its homeland of China. Hong Kong has a host of trade partners though its connections with China, but that also leaves it with a large amount of enemies as well. Greece, while not having many trade partners, which hurts its economy is not bombarded by hostiles as much because it is so low key when compared to other countries in the area.
     My process was fairly simple. It took a while to gather research and other information regarding the economies of both of these countries because they both have such a rich history. Hong Kong has always had a strong economy and getting to the bottom of why this is true was a challenge because many wondered whether staying true to China would be a good move for them. Although the "country" wants to break away from China, they really have no choice but to stay with the homeland because their big corporations and banks keep Hong Kong's economy thriving. It was a bit easier finding information on Greece because of their recent economical mishaps. The five points of framework were somewhat difficult to apply to these countries because I couldn't tell if I should apply them to just recent events or things that had happened far back in the past.
     If there was anything that I could change about my project it would be to choose a form of presentation that could get my information across better than a keynote. I feel like I could have said a lot more but restricted myself because I wanted the keynote to look a bit nicer. However, I fell like the keynote got the point I was trying to make across to the viewer well enough.