5 Point Framework Q3 Benchmark

  • For this project, I researched the Democratic Republic of Congo and Palestine. Palestine is located in the Middle-East and the DRC is located in South Africa. I was surprised to see how these countries had so much in common when applying them to the 5 point framework. These countries had a lot of problems with climate change which affected the amount of fresh water they had access to. Not only that, but these countries have participated in multiple wars that ruin their lands and resources. 

    At first it was hard finding the right information for these countries. When applying the 5 pint framework, you have to look for specific events and statistics. The 5 point framework is pretty straightforward itself but finding the correct information for each country was the hardest part for me. 

    After putting all my information and links in a google doc that I found, I was able to start creating my presentation on Pages. Before I scored each country, I wrote how each one fit into each category then went back and decided how stable they were on each topic. 

    If I were to change anything about the project, I would make it more interactive and probably add hyperlinks. The reason I didn't do that was because I struggled with finding information so the websites I used weren't that reliable and I didn't want to send other people there and it not give the correct info.