This year in world history I experienced things and explored new levels of thinking. History class wasn't basic or boring as I expected. With a new topic came a new lesson. Each lesson was unique and creative. Mr. Block used food and made us interact with each other. These lessons challenged me to do SLA's core values, inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection. Overall I learned a lot through this history class. I've learned how to put myself in others' shoes and how to respect others' culture. Here's a link to a project were I had to do a momolouge. I also learned how we as people all grow and learn with the help of others.

Throughout the year Mr. Block has given us a numerous number of projects and papers we had to complete. We've done plays, trials, roleplays, and more. We've gotten a chance to experience the different aspects of people in different places over the world. We’ve learned about sweatshops, human trafficking, colonisation, and more.  Out of these three topics colonisation stood out to me the most. It was intriguing to me how someone can feel like they have the need to fix one’s society. Its like social media. In social media people are always painting a picture of how things should be. It’s either you’re too fat or your hair isn’t straight enough. And sometimes our worth and equality is based off that. In an assignment “Pathologies of Power” a similar topic was discussed. I think that “A cause of our society’s failure to face up and deal with is the erosion of equality”.  As a society we base too much of our worth on external things rather than eternal things.

Colonisation can be described in different ways. It can be good or bad. If colonisation happens in a multipathing way then it can hurt the colonizer and the natives. I think that variety is a great thing. If everyone was the same life would be pretty boring but, with variety new conversations and ideas strike. Its the same with Biology. Everyone couldn’t have the same DNA because if one person became infected then every onc would become infected and die. Knowing this I was a little frustrated to why colonizers would try to change someone’s culture. In a journal I wrote “I think everyone grows and learns from the people around them. One can’t develop himself”. I think the world would be a better place today if people were respective of others’ way of living. I think that they should have learned from each other instead of despising each other. I also think that colonizers tried to hard to push their opinions on people who didn’t need them. In an assignment “Custer Died for Your Sins” I wrote “American try to fix things that aren’t broken. Sometimes when the oppressed side is fed up they rebel and start a revolution. Here's a link to a project of similar topic.

In conclusion I think this world history class was a great experience. I was never too thrilled about coming into a history class but Mr. Block’s class was different. It was a lot of reading but Mr. Block incorporated many activities to balance it out. I think I had a pretty successful year.