Portfolio- Reflection/Intro

Introduction/ Reflection

I have enjoyed myself in English class for my freshman year. I have learned a lot and have grown a lot. In portfolio, you can see that I have grown a lot, the more recent my work get. My project tells that I am not a person that gets my emotions out all the time and like to get it out on paper. Also, from my projects you can tell I try my best in everything I attempt.

Even though I have grown being in this class for the last past couple of  months, I still have things I need to work on. One big weakness that I have and need to work on is to stop procrastinating. My work is not as good if I do it the night before and most likely, I won’t complete my work on time. I do think a strength is connecting my emotions to my piece of writing or to a book. Making this portfolio was really interesting. It almost seemed to me like an evolution. It was fun looking through all my work. It was easy to edit because I had all of my papers right in front of me. I am most proud of my book review. My book review was one of the best papers I have ever written in my life. My grammar was perfect and I scored really high on it. Maybe the highest I have ever scored on a piece of writing.