Powers, Online Identity

We watched a video in which a fictional character, Jack, has a very bad day. He is physically bullied at school and then is hurt even more by online messages when he gets home. As the watcher, you can click an anti-bullying emoji to support him. After watching the video, we googled ourselves to find out our online identity.

This video shows how bullying can hurt people, physically and online. It also shows how speaking up as a bystander can help, a lot.

Most things that come up when you search me, aren’t me. My social media accounts don’t have much personal information on them either.

If a stranger were to search my name, they could think that I am any of the people that show up.

The goal of internet trolls is to upset people, or to cause a conflict and make others suffer.

Online anonymity could be good or bad. Your future employers or schools could either get a good or bad impression of your supposed identity by what they find by searching you. If you have inappropriate personal posts online, that would be bad as opposed to being completely anonymous.
Screenshot 2015-11-06 at 9.10.56 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-06 at 9.10.56 AM
Full version and image credit can be found at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98189329@N03/16578044716/in/photolist-rfWP8b-aBDZHs-apgfuN-ruhp95-dVnXxk-qvLWmK-9BhNne-rsrJRr-qvyHxJ-qvLVMi-s1D9Y1-q35XeE-qeAWe6-rb7qJB-rsyjzR-rssW4q-rb7qDg-rssW1u-rsyjua-qvLXKg-raYUXf-qvLXHx-rsyjot-rsyjkH-rsrK9v-r9eWi2-qvLXvD-r9eWfg-qvLXrv-rsrJXP-qvLXmR-raZRim-rb7q8M-rssVpQ-r9eVWk-raZRaW-qvyJ4J-qvLX7T-r9eVPM-rsyiPc-rqgqDS-r9eVJg-raZQZf-raZQXb-qvyHP5-rb7pJa-r9eVyX-r9eVzZ-rsyixk-7sDr81