Practical Government Benchmark - Taylor Tomasco

Ms. Laufenberg always says, "If you remember one thing from this class, PLEASE remember the difference in the three branches of the government!" This benchmark has enabled me to do so. I am now able to identify which laws/cases/offices are represented by each of the three branches and understand WHY they are represented by those as well.

This process was not difficult but it was a little confusing at first. I kept forgetting that some things could be represented by more than one branch. For example, when you get your licsence you are interacting with the executive branch, but there is a law (legislative branch) that states what age you are allowed to get your licsence. The law was most likely made after a course case (judicial branch) was held. The most time consuming part was the judicial branch. I am very familiar with different laws and different parts of the executive branch, but I did not know names of specific court cases that allowed these laws or functions to happen. 

As I get older I imagine to become even more familiar with the branches. I will have to do more paper work, and have to understand some elaborate processes. With my current understanding of the branches I will definitely be able to distinguish which branch of the government I am interacting with. I am leaving this class with Ms. Laufenberg more than happy. I don't only remember the branches of the government, but I understand them as well.