In my 1st Blog Post I introduced my topic for my project which was Performance Enhancing drugs (PEDs).  I talked about the effect that certain PEDs have on your body and my opinion on Performance Enhancing Drugs. In my 2nd Blog Post I included a chart that talks about the usage of drugs by Division 2 Colleges.  

I feel like people don't take the usage of Performance Enhancing Drugs as seriously as they should.  It is a big issue in pro sport, college, and sometimes even in high school.  They're aren't many people out here doing anything to stop it, they just react when it happens.  But, for my agent of change I decided to make wristband that say ¨Natural Athlete¨ on the outside and ¨No Steroids¨ on the inside.  I gave these out to my teammates and coaches.  People from other teams are coming up to me and teammates asking where they can get one.  I feel like the word is getting out about my agent of change, and that was my intention.

This is a very important topic to me.  I am really passionate about this because I want to play baseball in College and hope to eventually play Pro Ball.  So if i make to these level of competition, I don't want to play against or with fair chances.  

I will never use Performance Enhancing Drugs.  I would never put my body through that.  I put in hard work and dedicate myself to the sport of baseball so I can always get better and progress as a player and a leader on my team.  What image would I give the rest of my team as leader if I cheat by using drugs to give myself a boost and unfair chance.  And sometimes it's about pride.  You have to respect