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My element is called Iridium and the atomic number is 77. Iridium is a very hard and brittle metal that is used to coat the lenses of binoculars in order to reduce glare and help the lenses become clearer when you see through them. Iridium was discovered in 1803 by a chemist named Smithson Tennant. He discovered Iridium by dissolving platinum in a substance called aqua regla.

I got the idea to draw binoculars because Iridium is used to coat the lenses of binoculars. In order to make this print I first sketch a drawing of the binoculars. Then I made another sketch of the binoculars in tracing paper. Using the tracing paper sketch I traced the drawing into a piece of styrofoam. After doing that I coated the styrofoam with a layer of paint and placed a blank paper on top of it and that's how I got all three prints done. If I were to do this project again I would start the printing process earlier than I actually did. My favorite part about this project was coming up with an idea for my drawing. I enjoyed this because I learned a lot of information about the element that I was assigned.