Printmaking has been evolved over the years. It was practiced in many different countries. Within each place, there were and still are different forms of printmaking. Printmaking is the process of making artwork by printing. Countries like China, Rome and Egypt. These countries and more have expressed their messages through printmaking which brings the importance about printmaking.

Printmaking questioned how far the forms of Art can go.
They answered "Pretty far,"

Megan Lino Fish Print
Megan Lino Fish Print

Megan Lino’s Fish Print really stands out to me as a viewer. I notice that there is a break in pattern by the fish’s “beams of light” which is really aesthetically pleasing. Also I notice that the things surrounding the fish are being attracted to the fish. I wonder how Lino came up with this idea. I also wonder what message she is trying to say. Although, what if Lino added another fish? I wonder how she would break the pattern once again. This is a great piece of work that probably took days and hours to create, which is why I appreciated it so much.