Printmaking is a form of artwork in which an artwork can made into multiple copies, called prints. This usually occurs on paper. Printmaking originated in China around AD 105. It has been used to recreate many artworks sold in large amounts to the public. It is also is how many artists of the past and present became famous. There are many different types of printmaking, such as relief printing and intaglio. All of the different printing types are important and they are necessary to many things we have in the world today. 

The invention of printmaking was revolutionary. It became a very important art form that made many artists famous. Also, it became a way to produce an art into many copies. Printmaking is used for making books, newspapers, and any type literature printed on paper. This made the invention of printmaking revolutionary to the worlds of art and literature.  Image result for printmaking artwork

The print shows a black bird, possibly a raven, flying over a black body of water with white dots. I notice black and white swirls in the background. The painting has a contrast of white and black. The close-up of the bird makes us focus on the bird. It looks like it is night time, I think this because the water is a majority black. I think this is a good painting because it shows excellent contrast and the swirls in the sky make it mysterious. I wonder what the white and black swirls in the background symbolize? Is the bird lonely because it is flying alone?