Printmaking is a form of art that you first make a art and then print on a different paper. There are lots of different forms of printmaking like woodcut and engraving. Printmaking is important because it is a cheap and cool way to make quality art. Also you can make copies easily if you wanted to. Printmaking is revolutionary because when printmaking was introduced, lots of people came to like printmaking, and some used printmaking themselves. Again printmaking is se easy to do, anyone can do it if they have the materials.

Screenshot 2017-04-20 at 8.42.52 AM.png

I find this piece interesting because it shows a wolf in the wild, while it’s snowing, and he’s right next to a tree without any leaves. I get a sense that it’s suppose to represent some idea of a lone wolf. The difference in black and white, and why it’s cool because we can clearly distinct what things are suppose to be. For example the white dots must be snow, it could be rain, but it’s more likely to be snow. Also on the ground the white and the black colors show that the snow hasn’t fully covered the ground. I feel as though this wolf is lonely and it’s showing how harsh the wild can be. I also like how they constantly use lines to make shapes. I notice that it using black as the background might make the viewer think it’s night time. I wonder two things, is this the original copy or not, and what is the artist trying to express using only two colors. Last what if this artist use more colors how would the different colors change the mood of the painting.