Printmaking- Arsenic

Art- Printmaking Picture
My element for this project was Arsenic. It's name on the periodic table is As and the atomic number is 33. It's compounds were mined up by early Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations. A man named Albertus Magnus was even able to make the element by heating soap with orpiment.
I got the idea for my project by finding out what my element is and does. Since my element was a type of poison the first thing that came to my mind was death, and for the poison I had an idea of a somewhat toxic substance. So with that knowledge in mind I was able to create a skull with toxic coming out from it being represented by the gas and the leaking of the eyes. 
If I could do this project again I would add more detail to my picture. While I did like what I had and was proud of it, I feel like there could have been more to do with it. The part of the project I enjoyed the most was putting the color onto the paper with the rollers. I just liked getting to get a little messy with paint and having to do it again multiple times.