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Printmaking has a long important history. It is in important because it is impossible to make the same image exactly the same. So in order to get the image closest to it's exact form you have to print it on to a surface and use that surface on other surfaces.

The invention of printing gave a new style to clothes that was different from hand drawing the image on to the shirt. The invention stopped hard work and labor towards making the same design over again. It is almost impossible to draw the same design over and over again so that is why printmaking was so important. Printmaking was used in all cultures unlike something where it is a cultural thing. This is important and needed with in all cultures and worlds. Like, Knights need it on their armor, Germans need for their clothes making.

Great Wave of Kanagawa Hokusai Print
Great Wave of Kanagawa Hokusai Print
This image really touches me because I surf so I know what the eye of the wave really looks like and they did a great representation of it. The large wave makes threatening presents to the boat. The mountain in the back calms the images out and makes the picture equal.