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IMG_1419 (1)
IMG_1419 (1)
 My element was Born. It's atomic number is 5. Boron got it's name from Borax. Boron was created by heating Borax with potassium heat. Boron is need for a plants cell walls and it's also used for rocket fuel igniter. I got my idea by doing research. When I did my research I found out that Boron is in padlocks and keys , so I based my print off of that.
To make my print I first drew the padlock and key into my artbook. Then, I traced in onto traceable paper and then I traced it onto foam. I then took the foam and I painted overtop of it and placed the painted side on printer paper and smoothed over it with a wooden spoon.
If I did this a second time I would want to find something more interesting that Boron is in so my print could've looked more appealing. The part I liked the most was when were painting the foam print template and transferring it to the printer paper. I liked it because we got to use paint, and i'm a fan of painting.