Printmaking Blog Post & final steps for the element print

​My element is tin. The atomic number of tin is 50 and the atomic symbol is Sn. Tin is used in multiple things such as utensils, phones, and tin foil. But the most common is food and soda cans. Tin was first found in the beginning of the Bronze Age around 3000 BC. Tin has no major known functions for humans.

I came up with the idea of making a soda can pouring out a liquid because when I hear tin I automatically think of a tin can. But I thought it would be boring if I only made a can so I decided to add the liquid. To make this print I had to draw it, trace it, and then print it multiple times. If I could do it a second time I would probably use a little more ink. 

I enjoyed the printing part of this assignment the most because it was the first time I ever did that. I had to spread out the ink evenly and put it on my print. Sometimes it came out right and sometimes it didn't.