Private vs Public school in Philadelphia

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Chiara Nemati (Student 2017)
Chiara Nemati

You did such a good job on editing. I really like the different stories you gathered about schools. It is a really interesting topic that I never thought about exploring but it has so much to it. It was really professional, great job!

Michaela Peterson (Student 2017)
Michaela Peterson

I liked how relaxed it was. It didn't seem like I was listening to a formal interview. The editing was stellar and the music fit the content perfectly. It sounded very professional and almost like something I would hear on This American Life or Story Core. Great Job!

Otter Jung-Allen (Student 2017)
Otter Jung-Allen

I loved it! Very This American Life vibe! Your questions were limited and the tone was relaxed yet interesting. Your friends sound pretty cool, I kinda want to meet them! I never knew that having that switch was a big deal in your life, or that your friends all split up to different schools. The narration was great, too! Amazing!