Pro and Con's of Our Government through my eyes

The following will show how I, John De Salis feel about the many different issues that are either in the process of being passed or have became passed. The 12 items that you can see here have an effect on me and also what I am able to do as a teenager. 
However, going through all of the pages, I found that this research was difficult at times, but it was also kind of easy too. By that, I mean that their was so many different cases and bills that fit under this description, and to pick only a few of them is what kind of made this project for me.
With that being said, I feel like that my life is going to always be effected by the gov't because of the current talks of cutting social security benefits and also now that I am able to be a voter in the elections, I feel as though I have some type of power to change how the gov't will work for me.