Process Paper: Homelessness

In the beginning of our project, we originally planned on doing a website. We made a weebly but something happened and they wanted us to pay; there were just some complications. In the end we decided to make a video and publish that and hand out brochures and post flyers in different places that had little strips that people could tear off with the link to the video. On the site that the video is on, we can see how many people have viewed our video which can we can use to track our success.

We originally planned on going out and taking pictures on our own but we ran into some moral issues with that so we managed to get a few of our own pictures but then found some of the other ones on the internet. This didn’t really serve as a problem; it just sort of set us back at first because we couldn’t think of a way to get the pictures without taking them. Then it came to us; Google! One issue that we did run into in the end was our brochures and flyers, they were nice and everything but they didn’t really portray our project the way we had planned them to, so I had to stay up and fix those and print them out. We originally planned on doing a simple flyer with a quote then a link to our video. The flyers that Loren made though had a lot of words and pictures and just didn’t really catch people’s attention in a quick way, which is what we were aiming for.

In the end however, we pulled it all together and managed to get everything done and the way that we had envisioned it. Siani researched all the information we asked her to find, Loren made the original flyers and brochures, Isabella made the video and I made the keynote presentation and worked with Isabella to fix the flyers and brochures. I really like how our project turned out and I think it’s a good result of our hard work.