​Process paper

Process paper

 This benchmark was all about solving problems in Philadelphia. The topics each group chose were based on the more popular topics from a previous assignment that we did now our group chose school district funding because he felt that was the most important problem in Philadelphia. So taking examples from the previous website that we have used it to help us with this assignment I had decided to use of the fat cards that I found the website drugs.org because it was able to display a little information without overwhelming the person as well as powering down to feels that they might be interested in. I felt that by only giving cold hard facts then people can accuse you of having any biased for situation because all you're presenting the truth also 50 book and search for their own things they can find out exactly what they're interested in and therefore is not as much runaround as I found in some of the website that I like the least of the examples. To do my research I looked at several documents first to see what were the underlying causes of the shortage of money in the Philadelphia school district so I want to sources like the Philadelphia Inquirer the New York Times government stop or which is a newspaper from Washington DC to kindly get back on information and learn more about my subject. From there going on the Philadelphia school does you to Philadelphia website I found information about the fiscal year for 2011 2012 and then by looking up on a government website I found what that was compared to the best rated school district in the country which is a school district Wyoming and although Wyoming has a smaller population Philadelphia like a really smaller population of Philadelphia Wyoming distributes It's money around its population better and also since it has a relatively high concentration of money for the amount of people it has it consider one the best. After researching that I posted some information about the 26th now less 16 schools that were closed down in Philadelphia because of budgeting problems because it was an issue that was related and it was relevant to our times and related with her subjects up it was ideal to put it.
Some things that I want to do better and my next power jack is I want to be able to find better sources I had a little difficulty finding sources for my fat cards some of the financial information was a lot harder to find than I first speculated. Also feel like I should've asked more some of our partners wanted to say so we could seem to have a more organized argument that everyone was doing her own part sometimes the Sum of the parts doesn't always fit the whole and although I don't think this is the case I feel like everything could fit a little bit tighter and maybe I had collaborated more of mother partners nothing I didn't just you can always try harder. All in all though it turned out okay and I feel like a collaborative effort was a good one.