Process Paper

Jalisa Smith

Through the process of this project I learned to use my strengths to my own ability. In the beginning Taylor, Raeven, Nuri and I did some quality research that already went hand in hand with the research that I had done from the previous project that Raeven and I had done. From the research that we did we planned what we would be doing as a part of our campaign. My individual portion was to complete and edit the video and work on the discussion that we would be having in another class. We all took the chance to do what we were good at in order to make a good campaign. 

For my individual portion where I edited the video, I implemented another one of the group members portions which was the Ad that was made for the campaign. For the video, I tried to only use what I thought was crucial for the audience to see. For example, when I edited out certain parts of the video I made sure to keep the parts that were crucial for the audience to pay attention while not being led astray by boredom. We all collectively decided that the message we were trying to get to our audience of teenagers, which is to get tested. 

I think that process wise, we were off because we had so much other work to do individually so we really tried to get everything done in a short space of time. Though we did use our time wisely by creatively making an advertisement, PSA, Twitter page and having a group discussion with another class; it could have been of higher quality had we tried to actually plan everything out according to one another’s personal schedules. 

I personally had a lot of fund doing this project. I think that it’s because of my personal opinion towards the topic I chose. My set interest is what really made this project a lot of fun. I also thought that from doing this project I was able to learn more about the importance of taking care of yourself and people around you while learning more about the community I live in.