Process Paper, - Gun Violence

What a project? Nothing more then working with a group of friends and coming together to build a presentation about life-changing situations that people live through everyday. In which increases awareness, changes opinions, and as well as changes behavior. A topic that will change everyone’s mind for the better!

         “Gun Violence,” the topic that walked upon us. Gun violence, is a type of violence that is used with a firearm to threaten or inflict harm against someone or something. Violence, behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Well, first, we brainstormed ideas. We thought of different type of mind changing situations, marked them on the board, and wrote which three we’re most interested in on a card. But me, I wasn’t in class that day. Well mainly, that whole week maybe. I forget. Then, I arrived back in class, the topic already handed to us as well as the introduction of the benchmark. I wasn’t worried about what we had to do, I was more worried about getting it done and being there to communicate and collaborate with my teammates. My group mates suggested that we all do two video’s each. One person did videos and everyone else did the stats, the weebly, editing… etc. I don’t exactly remember everything. My group mates guided me in the right direction to do well on my part of the benchmark, but then again they didn’t want to put too much on me. But overall, it turned out to be a pretty good project!